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What's new in touring exhibitions - 3

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

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Audrey OConnel
Museum Consulting
Audrey O’Connell + Associates
United States

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Chris Harris, ACMI
Head of Exhibition and Touring
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Game Masters is a highly interactive videogame exhibition, showcasing the world’s most influential videogame designers. From the arcade era to consoles, PC, mobile and tablet game technology, this exhibition takes visitors behind the scenes, showcasing how videogames are made as well as their makers. Game Masters presents rare concept art work, revealing interviews and large-scale interactive displays showcasing the radically varied approach each of these designers brings to the creation of videogames. Game Masters is ideal for accompanying STEAM related public and education programs and comes with an extensive Education Kit.
Director of Exhibitions
GIANTS OF THE ANCIENT SEAS presents the fascinating prehistoric underwater world at the time of the dinosaurs with around 200 high-quality fossils, skeletons and casts from the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt and other renowned European collections. Habitat scenarios with models up to 12 meters long were developed by paleontologists based on the latest scientific knowledge. They show moments from up to 250 million years ago. Europe's largest digital Paleo-Aquarium and the first in real time creates lasting spatial experiences. Media stations and hands-on exhibits invite visitors to enjoy an emotional and playful learning experience. A family adventure exhibition in cooperation with Lokschuppen Rosenheim.
Milada Fiserova photo
Production manager
JVS Group s.r.o.
Czech Republic
INCA GOLD Exhibition - The unique collection of the original gold treasures of South America. Over 100 original golden artefacts lend from Peruvian government. The beautiful and invaluable cultural objects show visitors the spectacular history of the Incas. 900- 1500m2 COSMOS DISCOVERY Exhibition - The largest touring exhibition about space, astronauts, space missions across the world and much more. Cosmos Discovery was created in cooperation with Cosmosphere science center in Hutchinson/ USA and original artifacts are provided by NASA. Exhibition contains a play zone with gyroscopes, VR and original merchandise can be provided. 1500-3000m2
Deputy director
Luminopolis, the city of lights - Luminopolis is an exhibition / Escape Game with 41 riddles to solve and 3 levels of difficulty. Locked in the city of light visitors must pierce its mysteries (the mysteries of light) to escape. They have an hour to achieve their goal. In the exhibition 180 people present at the same time can have permanent access to more or less difficult riddles, and thanks to a RFID connection which tracks each player's tour in real time, everyone live a unique and adapted experience.
Deputy manager for VIP partner and Foreing Affairs
Czech Republic
FUTURE ON THE PLATE - An interactive TSC exhibition will guide visitors through the plethora of information related to food: how to create a balanced diet, how meat gets to our shops, how a microwave oven works, how long you have to run to burn calories form one chocolate bar and so on. We must not forget about the most important aspect: that the quality of our life depends on what we put on our plates.
Chairman AWC / Explorado Group
AWC AG / Explorado Group
Since a frozen mammoth carcass was discovered in the early 1800s, people have been fascinated by the Ice Age. The worldwide success of the ICE AGE movies has re-activated the wide appeal of this time again also for younger kids. For this reason “ICE AGE: A MAMMOTH JOURNEY” has been created. The scientist Dr. Lindsay Zanno and the beloved movie characters Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat accompany the visitors through the exhibition about climate change and ecological systems in a manner to engage visitors of all ages. The visitors become “Detectives of the Pleistocene” and can experience the work of scientists by tracing and reading the “clues” that the Ice Age left.
Head of Museum Exhibitions
National Museums Liverpool
United Kingdom
Bee Amazed - Bees are amongst the most complex and sophisticated creatures on our planet and crucial to our survival. There are over 20,000 species across the world but they are declining globally with potential catastrophic consequences. We plan to develop a visually striking, immersive exhibition aimed at a family audience which will explain just how important bees are to us. Through a series of digital and interactive exhibits visitors will be able to explore the characteristics of bees, their dynamic behaviour and social interaction, the threats to their survival and the action we can take to make a difference.
exhibitions sustainability
Founder, CEO & Chairwoman
Saint Paul
United States
Exhibits Development Group presents Digital Me, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, and Beyond Rubik’s Cube Digital Me: Expected Summer 2020 Launch - from EDG’s new partnership with Madatech, the Israel National Museum of Science and Technology, that’s interactive-based, tech and media-heavy, and digs deep into the pros and cons of our relationship with the digital world. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes: First European Opening Available Spring 2020. The science-driven experiential and environmental exhibition invites you to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, the literary creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Beyond Rubik’s Cube: European Debut Fall 2019, Exhibits Development Group has teamed-up with Liberty Science Center to bring you Beyond Rubik’s Cube, a unique exhibition inspired by 40 years of playing with the world’s most popular mind-bending puzzle.
Flowers and Bees: Life at stake - The exhibition highlights the great work that bees make, absolutely essential for humanity. It intends to spread an alert message, raise awareness of the problem and provide possible solutions. Its main objective is to aware visitors about the decline of pollinators and wild bees and the real consequences for humanity. The complete exhibition will show in an accessible way: How insects work, and especially wild bees? What is its fundamental role in plants pollinator? What is their function in relation to human health and nutrition? What is the decline of biodiversity, already started? How to predict a future without wild bees? And finally which are the possible actions that institutions and people can do to stop this decline.
Exhibit-interdisciplinary & curate/Director
Design Our World- Gendered Innovations - Perspectives on sex and gender are often overlooked in scientific and knowledge innovation processes—whether scientific studies, pharmaceutical research, engineering design, environmental planning, or technological inventions - and many possibilities for innovation are thus sadly missed. We hope that this exhibition, through women's stories, reflection on gendered innovation, and design challenges, will prompt you to reflect on perspectives that have been missing for too long, so that we can bring more equitable and sustainable innovation into the world.
Inventor, artist
Rumtiden Idea Lab
SuperPlay - Research show that children, even in young age, think that they are not creative, that they are not good at drawing, playing music, dancing etc. SuperPlay is an exhibition that address this problem with a series of installations that need no previous knowledge or skills, where the visitors have to come up with how to play themselves, but at the same time can be infinitely explored. With sensors, light, animations, projections, music, sounds, social interaction, collaboration and gamification, the visitors get a very different experience where actual knowledge is irrelevant. SuperPlay is only about inspiration, not information.
Founder & CEO
Dialogue with the End - Life is long. Life is short. And it will end. Let's talk about it. Death is the last taboo. You do not talk about dying in a society that wants to become healthier and more efficient. But every life ends with death. Sooner or later. 14 women and men with an age range from 24 to 97 were willing to share their thoughts on dying. Cinematic excerpts from these talks setting the context to face basic questions of life and death. To start a dialogue with those who are prepared for their last journey.
Outreach Manager
Climate Garden 2085 - The story of plants and a changing climate is both local and global. Every community in the world will be affected differently and can tell their own story, enabling a personal, emotional connection to often abstract global climate scenarios. Two climate scenarios are created in greenhouses at temperatures of +3 and +5.5°C above current annual summer temperatures. Visitors are able to participate by taking measurements of drought and heat-stressed plants. The Climate Garden is slow media: watching plants grow and wondering about our future gardens and landscapes. It is about listening to the storytelling of gardeners, artists and scientists and finding positive framings that support action.
International Relations
Contemporanea Progetti
Ancient Chinese Science & Technology - The remarkable inventions and technological achievements of the Ancient Chinese civilization have not only shaped but continue to influence the world today as they did at their inception. This exhibition displays over 90 exhibits, all accurate reproductions of the most important Chinese inventions from the 3rd century BCE to 1000 CE and covering several fields of science: mathematics, physics, mechanical engineering, astronomy, geophysics, botany. Among the objects are the first ever recorded seismograph cast in bronze (132 CE), ancient agricultural inventions (i.e., the first wheelbarrow constructed a century before the European equivalent) or the first printing press, operational centuries before Gutenberg, just to mention a few.
Head of Programme
Aha, illusions - Unbelievable patterns that will make your head spin, shifting mirrors, vanishing sculptures, water flowing backwards – it looks like everything is actually happening, but is it really? Created and built by Science Centre AHHAA in 2018, this new interactive family-friendly exhibition presents you with numerous amazing optical effects and deceptive tricks that look downright magical, but are actually 100% scientifically sound. In this exhibition you’ll learn how and why your vision can be tricked in the first place, how images completely change their appearance when you look at them from different angles and much more. This is „Aha, illusions!“