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NorthernLight Design 5 August 2016

Terramar Museum, Bonaire first to tell Caribbean history

On 5 August the Terramar Museum will open on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. It is the first museum to tell the history of the whole Caribbean region. Bonaire is visited by thousands of tourists and cruise passengers daily. Most of these visitors have little knowledge of the mix of cultures that lived on the islands and whose traces can still be found. The stories told in the Terramar Museum will give visitors a renewed and richer perspective on the history of this special part of the world.

Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions 1 August 2016

In September 2013 we were entrusted with the development of a master plan for the Tech Dome Penang, a hub for technology learning, exchange of ideas and a vehicle for improving scientific literacy and technology ability in Malaysia.

Museum of London 29 July 2016
© Museum of London / Stanton Williams

Architects Stanton Williams and Asif Khan were selected from a shortlist of six architectural teams to work on a concept for the Museum of London's relocation to a former market in West Smithfield.

The Scientific Center of Kuwait 28 July 2016
Mijbil Almutawa

Mr. Mijbil Almutawa, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Kuwait Scientific Center, passed away on 27 July. Together with Engineer Hoda Al Miqati, Mijbil was one of the founders of the NAMES Network and its President for two terms.

Parque de las Ciencias 27 July 2016
BioDomo at Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain - #EcsiteDF2016 participants will be dining there

A window on biodiversity combining aquaria and forest habitats, dedicated to environmental education, species conservation and scientific research.

Exploratorium 26 July 2016

At the Exploratorium, San Francisco

Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge 21 July 2016

Innovation Center Mill of Knowledge (Toruń, Poland) is delighted to announce opening of a fourth permanent exhibition - "... it's so simple!". It allows visitors to become a scientist, designer and an inventor.

The exhibition includes 26 exhibits divided into four different zones: "Brainy", "Mechanical playground", "Techno World" and "Think, see, do." The exhibition theme is built around the computer game Tetris, where different building blocks harmoniously formed the display.

Science Gallery, Trinity College 20 July 2016
Robot sitting at a desk, part of Vincent Fournier's photography series The Man Machine. (c) 2010 Vincent Fournier

Open call for proposals for the Science Gallery's upcoming exhibition on artificial intelligence. Submit an entry by 1 September.

PASS - Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques - SCRLFS 20 July 2016
The Pass (Parc d'aventures scientifiques) in Frameries, Belgium

At the Pass in Belgium. Submission deadline: 5 September.

Science Gallery, Trinity College 19 July 2016
Science Gallery Dublin is hiring

In Dublin. The Head of Programming will define and shape future programming themes and then plan, commission and manage their delivery. Apply by 1 August