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Tunnel Worlds Visitor Center at Brenner Base Tunnel

In May 2015 we were awared the contract to develop Tunnel Worlds, the new information center at Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) in Steinach, Austria. Tunnel Worlds is an attraction for the local population, both as the starting point for construction site tours and as a fun, hands-on exhibition. The exhibition is structured on two levels on a floor space of 800 smq, including a real mine-shaft, many interactive exhibits which were specifically designed for younger visitors inviting them to actively participate as well as a section for experts. Many subjects are approached: exciting and interesting information on tunnel construction, mountain geology, the history of the Brenner Pass, nature, the environment and the laws of physics are only a few of the topics covered by the exhibition. Tunnel Worlds was opened to the public on April 5th.

>> Tunnel Worlds Visitor Center on YouTube: http://www.j.mp/-BBT <<