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NorthernLight designs and develops Bright Ideas hub and challenge

NorthernLight developed, designed and implemented Bright Ideas hub and challenge. The project is part of Shell’s ‘Generation Discover’ initiative and consists of a futuristic dome that will travel around The Netherlands for the coming 3 years, as well as an exciting digital challenge that can be done by children of group 7 of all Dutch primary schools. Through the Bright Ideas project, children can playfully discover the world of science and technology. The hub’s first locations in 2017 were Rotterdam in February and Helmond in April, after which it will travel to Amsterdam, Enschede and Emmen. The hub will continue to travel all over the Netherlands in the coming years.

The hub
In the futuristic hub children get a hi-tech experience with VR glasses, games and augmented reality. At three interactive tables with the themes “Inspire, Amaze and Create” children are challenged to come up with creative inventions and ideas for three global challenges: water, food and energy. They explore global issues at a half-globe, play mini-games, are faced with a robot quizmaster and work together to build the city of the future.

The challenge
The Bright Ideas challenge is aimed at group 7 of all primary schools in the Netherlands. Children can participate in the challenge from 2017 till 2020. Already thousands of children have started the challenge, and the first results are inspiring and amazing. The challenge will inspire children to come up with their own bright ideas in the field of science and technology, based on three topics: Water, Energy, Food. They discover that they themselves can come up with smart ideas that make a positive contribution to their own future and the future of us all.

The challenge consists of a digital platform that can be shown on digiboards in the schools and a Bright Ideas book that children use to get inspired and to sketch their ideas. A jury that includes popular vlogger Dylan Haegens will select the winners, who get an amazing present: their idea will be rendered and visualized in Virtual Reality for everyone in the world to be viewed through – the ever more popular – VR headsets. Winners will also be on display in the Generation Discover festival in October.

From 2020 science and technology will be required courses on Dutch primary schools. The Bright Ideas challenge is consistent with the core learning objectives set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. By participating in the challenge, which consists of an online curriculum, and a visit to the hub, students are introduced to science and technology in an interactive and engaging way.

More information: https://brightideas.generationdiscover.nl


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