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NorthernLight completes design phase of Sirius Art & Science Park in Sochi

NorthernLight recently completed the design phase of the Sirius Art & Science Park. This ambitious project consists of the redevelopment of the media centre of the Olympic Village of Sochi. The aim is to turn the place into an enriching attraction that will become a destination for returning, multi-day visits. The project includes a talent development program as well.

Sirius Art & Science Park, covering 40,000 m2 exhibition space, will become a one of a kind hybrid between a science centre and a museum. The park will not only educate visitors on various subjects in an innovative way, but will also provide day and night activities and events for distinct target audiences. Moreover, it will expose the general public to the Sirius talent program in which the brightest young minds of Russia are learning and experiencing with math, science and innovation.

Multilayered experience

Divided into 4 major thematic zones, Sirius Art & Science Park will provide a multilayered experience, combining learning with creating and expanding the visitor’s mind. The park bares the fundamental essence of a science museum. It has a carefully curated collection of exhibits, including interactive multimedia, immersive experiences with cutting edge technology and classic science centre hands-on exhibits. This all combined with contemporary art works of both local and international artists, relating to the thematic division of the different galleries.

The unique combination of art and science is sewn in together under a festival setting, effectively stimulating creativity and drawing inspiration from the greatest minds in Russia’s past and present. The many features of the park also include a planetarium, food court and a large outdoor area, including an outdoor cinema and observatorium, that will become a community hub boasting with activity.

In 2018 the Sirius Art & Science Park will be open to the public.


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