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Members of Polish Parliament tinker at Copernicus

Yesterday Ecsite member Copernicus (Warsaw, Poland), received a visit from the Parliament’s Innovation Commission. They enthusiastically engaged in activities in “Thinkatorium”, Copernicus Science Centre’s tinkering space. In the pictures: Ewa Gast, Robert Kołakowski, Witold Czarnecki, Marek Suski, Piotr Pyzik, Aldona Młyńczak.


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Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre conducts modern science communication through interactive exhibitions addressed to different groups (adults, adolescents and children), shows and workshops on scientific themes, debates and discussions as well as activities from the borderland of science and art. The mission of the Centre is to encourage personal engagement in discovering and understanding the world, as well as taking responsibility for the changes occurring around us.