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'Innovation and you’ experience to celebrate 125 year Philips

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Philips, NorthernLight designed and developed the ‘Innovation and you’ experience for the Philips Museum. It provides visitors of any age a spectacular view into the future and shows the importance of modern technology.

Unique view on a healthier lifestyle
How can digitization help to develop personalized diagnoses? How can big data combined with measurements like body length and weight provide insights into diseases or predict epidemics? How can networks enhance the security on the streets? The new exhibition in the Philips Museum shows how innovations in health and lighting contribute to the improvement of lives of billions of people worldwide.

Interactive projections
The highlight of the exhibition are five big interactive projections that respond to individual visitors and let them experience how modern technology has been changing our lives. The projections show five big innovations: big data, sensing, imaging, personalization and connecting.

For many years, NorthernLight has been working with Philips to show the public the innovative character of the company. In 2014 NorthernLight developed the iPad game Mission Eureka for the Philips Museum. A year before that, NorthernLight developed the exhibition ‘100 years of Philips inventions’ for the Museum Boerhaave in the Netherlands.


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