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An enthusiastic science communicator has passed away

Pia Bech Mathiesen

Pia Bech Mathiesen, Director of Universe, the science park in Als in Southern Denmark, has passed away after a short illness at the age of 54.

Pia has been the director of Universe since 2011 and has during this period worked to create enthusiasm both in children and adult visitors at Universe. Pia invented the ”Universe-statement”: We are put in this world to inspire and excite children and young people through science, technology and entrepreneurship”.

Pia found time to hold a number of honorary positions where she was deeply respected for her insight in experience economy and communication. She was also a well-known and respected chairman of the board of the Southern Jutland’s Symphony Orchestra.

Pia was also one of the founding persons at Experimentarium until she stopped in 1996. Recently Pia has collaborated closely with Experimentarium on creating exhibitions. We all knew Pia as a person with a large sense of humour, a person who took time to get to know all the people who worked with and for her and a person with a huge talent for creativity.

Pia will be dearly missed by colleagues from Universe and Experimentarium in Denmark.


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Universe Science Park

The adventure park where fun is a science

The Universe Science Park was founded by Jorgen Mads Clausen (son of the Danfoss founder, Manufacturer Mads Clausen) and his wife Anette Clausen. Jorgen and Anette Clausen had for many years a dream to open a park that would enthuse children and young people for science, technology and entrepreneurship. That dream became true when the park opened in 2005 – and today the park is the biggest adventure park in the southern region of Denmark.