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Energetica exhibition on NEMO rooftop

On 21 April the innovative Energetica exhibition, designed by NorthernLight, has opened at science museum NEMO in Amsterdam. The rooftop square of the iconic building will add an extra floor to the museum. Entry to the new exhibition Energetica is free of charge and the exhibition is exclusively dedicated to the elements – sun, water, wind – as a source of energy.

In addition to being the perfect spot to relax, the rooftop square, together with NEMO’s fully renewed restaurant, will become a place where visitors can seek excitement and challenges. The exhibition will reinforce the ties between Amsterdam’s highest city square and the world of science and technology.

Experience the power of the elements

In this unique exhibition NEMO’s roof is transformed into an interactive, innovative experience, showing visitors the power of the elements. Energetica enables visitors to experience the energy from the sun, wind and water using remarkable sculptures and installations. From sundial to wind turbines from rainbow to solar cell. Visitors to Energetica will be able to compare their own muscle power to the power of the sun, wind and water. At the same time, they will discover how to use these natural sources to generate sustainable energy. The installations and sculptures have been designed and produced exclusively for this rooftop exhibition. A stimulating addition to the museum, with a fantastic view.

Renzo Piano

Over 20 years ago, the very first drawing of the NEMO building by architect Renzo Piano included sculptures on his Amsterdam piazza. Amsterdam’s highest square in the city’s Eastern Docklands is a spot where the elements have free rein in a city where open spaces and extensive views are a rarity. This makes it a fitting location to experience the power of the weather elements in Amsterdam’s centuries-old harbour front. By realizing Piano’s original plans on the building’s most visible location, NEMO is marking an important step in the renewal of the museum.


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