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Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy - ... to takie proste! gallery

Evaluation session #9 [Centrum Nowoczesności Młyn Wiedzy edit]

Back in November 2013 we were contracted with the conception, design and build of Poland’s longest constantly swinging Foucault pendulum and largest interactive waterscape.

In October 2015 this order was followed by the contract to design, develop and fabricate ... to takie proste! (lit. ... it‘s so simple!) gallery, which was opened to the public on September 30, 2016.

... to takie proste! / ... it‘s so simple! to become a scientist, designer and inventor
The modular and portable exhibition contains of 26 interactives in the four different zones: Brainy, Mechanical Playground, Techno World and Think, see, do. It is theming all around physics, with a particular emphasis to the notions of force and energy, brain teasers and skill tasks, DIY and technology and contemporary technologies in the service of man.

The design concept is unique, colourful and unconventional. Furniture and exhibits are the elements of a great Tetris like puzzle. Each part could be presented separately but also together with another part of the exhibition. It is also possible to prepare the unique set of exhibits on the base of all the parts. All zones are arranged in different colors, so that visitors can easily assign a single exhibit to its corresponding area.