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Blooloop 50 Zoo & Aquarium Influencer List revealed

Blooloop 50 Zoo + Aquarium Influencer List 2022

Blooloop is pleased to announce that the first Blooloop 50 Zoo & Aquarium Influencer List has been revealed. The List was launched in association with Canopy Strategic Partners, a world-leading consultancy working with zoo, animal, and conservation organizations.

Charles Read, MD of blooloop, says: “We are really pleased to reveal the results of our first Zoo and Aquarium Influencer list, in association with our friends at Canopy Strategic Partners. The list celebrates 50 people who are creating change, driving forward vital conservation initiatives and helping create the zoos and aquariums for the future. Everyone on this list has been nominated by their peers for their fantastic work.”

Lori Perkins, vice president of Canopy Strategic Partner, says: “Canopy Strategic Partners is excited to be a supporter of the inaugural Blooloop 50 Zoo & Aquarium Influencer List in 2022. For the last decade, we have been champions to the passionate leaders of these mission-focused organizations and we’re proud to recognize their commitment to and influence on creating a world where wildlife and people can thrive together.

This initiative is an excellent way to celebrate the accomplishments of those working tirelessly in our community for many years and also elevate new faces and perspectives of the next generation of leaders…something Canopy Strategic Partners has been doing for many years.”

Influencer List reveals key trends

The list includes world renowned institutions such as Georgia Aquarium, San Diego Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Chester Zoo. However, it also reveals some key trends.

As social media continues to play an increasingly important role in engagement we have some TikTok influencers in list.

Zoos and aquariums are also leading the way in the visitor attractions industry in sustainability, and we recognise the ground breaking work of Chester Zoo, Zoos Victoria, New England Aquarium and others.

Finally, new projects in the Middle East are making their mark with the Red Sea Development Corporation and SeaWorld AbuDhabi.

The list encompasses the broad range of fantastic work carried out by zoo and aquarium professionals worldwide. From design, to marketing to conservation and sustainability, we congratulate our Blooloop 50 2022 Influencers and thank everyone who nominated them. We would also like to thank our wonderful judges and of course Canopy Strategic Partners for their support.

Reveal the winners of the Zoos + Aquariums Influencers List 2022.


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