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Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022 revealed

Blooloop Museum Influencer List 2022

Blooloop is pleased to announce that the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List for2022 has been revealed. The List was launched in association with global image technology innovator Barco.

Charles Read, MD of blooloop, says: “ With the pandemic proving an accelerator, museums have been evolving. Now, more than ever, there is a focus on story telling and a reimagining of old buildings, allowing the creation of hybrid spaces and the delivery of new experiences and functions.

“All this change comes alongside an increasingly complex relationship with the visitor, and deeper engagement and a stronger bond with the online community.”

Lieven Bertels, Segment Marketing Manager, IX–Themed Entertainment at Barco, says: “The disruptive learning opportunity provided by the Covid pandemic might have been uninvited and unexpected, but many cultural and entertainment organizations have yet again shown that creativity and resilience are part of their DNA

“Barco is proud to support the Blooloop50 Influencer List, ready to help shape brighter outcomes for creatives and their audiences.”

The top one hundred nominees by vote count were given as a long list to our expert panel of judges, each of whom has decades working with museums and cultural attractions across the world.

As one might expect, the list includes high profile professionals from world-renowned institutions such as The Met, the V&A and the Getty alongside key museum designers and planners from leading firms such Ralph Applebaum, SNK and Lord Cultural Resources.

However, the final list also reveals a broad and diverse range of backgrounds, with job titles including directors, CEOs, a community historian, social media managers and even a head of Mollusks. One of the nominees made his fortune from gambling, another is one of the world’s most famous pop stars. What the individuals in the list have in common is that their peers (and our judges) think they are creating change and have significant influence in the sector.

Whilst the zoo and aquarium community is undoubtedly leading the way, the importance of sustainability and tackling climate change in the museum sector is highlighted by Sarah Sutton, Alison Criddle and Tim Pethick making the list. Sarah is leading the conversation in the US, Alison has created a carbon literacy toolkit and Tim’s company has created the world’s first climate neutral touring exhibition.

The ongoing impact of social media is evident, as is the increasing importance of technology in museums, including the rise of AI technology. It is also encouraging to see the number of women and people of colour in senior positions.

The list showcases the broad range of incredible work by museum professionals worldwide. We congratulate our Blooloop 50 Museum 2022 Influencers and thank our readers for their nominations. We would also like to thank our wonderful judges and of course Barco for its support.

Reveal the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencers 2022 List



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