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BLOOD: Life Uncut

Science Gallery London, part of King's College London, presents BLOOD: Life Uncut, an exhibition and event series that reveals the captivating, visceral power of blood to expose, shock and save lives.

The exhibition will feature a range of artists from around the world, including Jordan Eagles who created an installation projecting images of blood from sexually active gay, bisexual and transgender men, highlighting the UK and US legislation that restricts the donation of blood from MSM groups.

Showcasing new collaborations between artists and scientists, the BLOOD: Life Uncut season has developed through dialogue with King's College London researchers. Artist Bea Haines will join Dr Nunzianda Frascione and James Gooch from the University’s Forensic Science Department at the Forensics Uncovered workshop on 29 October, when visitors will be invited to uncover the techniques used to detect traces of blood at a crime scene.

An event series is running in parallel to the exhibition tackling issues, which are often invisible, offering fresh perspectives on subjects such as menstruation, Ebola, sickle cell anaemia, blood donation, forensics and blood typing.

Science Gallery London is part of Science Gallery International. BLOOD: Life Uncut is a collaboration between Science Gallery London and Science Gallery Melbourne, with the season running simultaneously across two Science Gallery sites in London and Melbourne. This series was inspired by the original exhibition BLOOD: Not for the faint-hearted at Science Gallery Dublin in 2015.

Science Gallery London is a flagship project for King’s College London and will be opening in 2018 on Guy's Campus in London Bridge as a permanent space where science and art collide.

The BLOOD: Life Uncut exhibition opens on 12 October and runs until 1 November at Copeland Gallery, London. The event series runs in conjunction through to 9 November. Free entry, some events require registration.

More information and full listings here