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Science Fiction, Science Future exhibition at Scitech, Perth, Western Australia

How much that has been imagined by sci-fi writers has now become reality, and how much could be our future? Many scientists are already working on projects that once were considered science fiction – this exhibition explores the reality of innovation and invention in science. Science Fiction, Science Future offers exciting hands-on and full-body experiences via a range of interactive exhibits including a robot that mimics your expressions, a ‘mindball’ challenge where the aim of the game is to see who can move a ball across a table using their brainwaves, plus the opportunity to teleport yourself from one position to another and make yourself invisible. Designed and produced by the award-winning science centre, Scitech in Perth, Western Australia, this exhibition is the latest of a long line of creative science experiences produced by the centre over its 25 year history. Following its premiere in Perth, the exhibition will be available to travel to other science centres and museums across the world from May 2013.


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Scitech is Western Australia’s own hands-on, minds-on science centre. Since opening in 1988, over 3.35 million visitors have experienced Scitech’s unique interactive exhibits, feature exhibitions and theatre shows.

Scitech is a not-for-profit organisation receiving funding from admissions, sponsorship and supported by the state government. Our mission is to increase awareness, interest, capability and participation by all Western Australians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.