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Genetics Week

Thinktank will be celebrating the breakthroughs in genetics for a whole week, so that you can explore the science behind the headlines. We have a variety of event and activities that give you the chance to discover the wonders of DNA and your genome!

Join local scientists for informal discussions about their work and how it relates to our lives at the Meet the Science sessions in the IDNA exhibition. Watch the award winning Cell! Cell! Cell! show in the Planetarium where we shrink down to microscopic size and explore a multitude of cells that make up your body. And at our Genes to Go workshop, you can extract, precipitate and preserve a sample of your own DNA to take home!

Find out more at www.thinktank.ac/genetics_week


Birmingham Museums, Thinktank

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum is part of a larger organisation, Birmingham Museums Trust. Thinktank offers an extraordinary, fun-packed day out for all the family. From steam engines to intestines, this exciting museum has over 200 interactive displays on science and technology from the past, present and future. New in 2012 is a outdoor Science Garden featuring a square wheel wagon and a propeller powered roundabout, where visitors can get bodies-on and become part of the experiments.