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“Beyond the dream: from flight to the space”

18 December 2015 - 30 March 2016
  • Exhibition

Confindustria Vicenza, City of Schio and Pleiades Group are partners for the realization of a cultural and educational project on the territory of Schio, called District of Science and Technology.
This area is extremely rich in stories related to technological and scientific innovation in its history and in its actuality. From first companies that have been able to exploit the resources of the environment, such as hydraulic power of rivers and streams, to the current success in aerospace components: Schio can fully be said seat prime of an important flow of innovations in the processing of materials.

The project has the aim of enhancing Schio and the territory of the northern Vicenza in the name of science and technology.

The first step to make this new philosophy is a national and international event to enhance the cultural and scientific offer, aimed to inform, surprise, and foster knowledge.
The exhibition has a macrotheme of strong appeal and interest on the public in general: “Beyond the Dream: From the Flight to Space”. A great aviation pioneer as Almerico Da Schio, but also the current industrial vangard of Schio in aerospace, and the presence of one of the world's largest telescopes at the observatory of Asiago.

A path to enter Man's dream of flying: in a historical and evocative dimension from the myth of Icarus, through Leonardo da Vinci up to the very first flight of the Wright brothers.
This exhibition shows models, instruments and interactive panels, and hands-on exhibits like simulators. The exhibition continues with the theme of space and aerospace technology, in reference to the companies in Schio that operate their own territory in this business sector. Here we find the physical principles of flight and racist. The objective is to demonstrate human evolution in the aeronautical and aerospace industries, to the current edge. To offer an interactive experience, the Astrojump will allow to simulate moon gravity.

The exhibition consists of five areas dedicated to specific themes, in a path that enhances the dream and the desire to exceed human limitations and that aims to show technological evolution and progress in a practical and intuitive way.

  • Area 1 - The dream of flying: from the myth of Icarus to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, and fantastic elements dedicated to children's literature (Peter Pan, The Little Prince, etc.). A section of emotional sounds, images, interactive experiences as Leonardo's machines will introduce the visitor to the age-old dream to fly.
  • Area 2 – Before Flight - machines lighter air. From the birth of balloons (1783) via the parachute (1797) to finish with the airships (1852). A section with images, videos, artifacts, models and interactive exhibits to explain Archimedes' principle and simulate the flight of balloons.
  • Area 3 - The Flight - machines heavier than air. The first Flight (1903), the first planes, figures as Almerico Da Schio and Arturo Ferrarin, the birth of aviation and passenger transport. Original designs and scale, videos and pictures, instruments and technical parts, interactive exhibits to explain laws of flight and a flight simulator.
  • Area 4 - The Conquest of Space - Beyond the Sky. Pointing to the space, the dream of Von Braun, the space race between the Russians and Americans, Sputnik, and cosmonauts astronauts, the Moon and Apollo missions, the space station, satellites and birth aerospace industry. Scale models, images in giant size, shows Italian Space Agency, audio-video, exhibits on the operation of the rockets, Images and lunar gravity simulator from the Cité de l'Espace (Toulouse-France).
  • Area 5 - Beyond the Dream - What can we expect tomorrow? Space missions launched today and plan for the future, the ability to travel in space, first commercial flights to the space, the future of air force. Emotional Audio and Video will suggest in visitors many questions about what to wait for tomorrow…

The exhibition will take place at the Spaces SHED (Lanificio Conte) in Schio, from December 18, 2015 to March 30 in 2016.