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Sensory Odyssey / Spectacular Expeditions

We are a transdisciplinary collective collaborating in the cultural, scientific and technological sectors. We create innovative multi-media and educational location-based experiences that are designed to generate, through sensorial and wordless journeys, a feeling of belonging and resonance with the living world.

Spectacular Expeditions are emotional journeys that re-enchant our understanding of the Earth’s biodiversity. Like Alice in the land of Darwin, visitors walk through giant 360° cinematic installations to immerse themselves in the secret world of living species, endowed with super-sensory powers to hear, see, smell and feel the world like never before. This series of “spectacular-expeditions” magnify our understanding, empathy and perception of the living world, based on applied neuroscientific research.

SO’s essential differentiation is our quest to explore the potential of technologies to tell the stories of the myriad of imperceptible interconnections occurring in the living world around us. We embody a new generation of qualitative entertainment experiences, with sustainable values. The perennial nature and profitability of this new extraordinary medium is ensured by its adaptability to a touring format, both in terms of its contents and its structure.


  • Technically proven innovations
  • Fast and cost-effective scalability and modularity for simultaneous and multiple units worldwide
  • Adaptable to commercial and institutional locations as well as stand-alone installations
  • Perennial – universal topics – no language barriers
  • Ideal for audiences of all ages
  • Suitable for people with disabilities
  • Educational with a far-reaching message (United Nation’s SDG 4)
  • In worldwide co-production with the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN, Paris).

Touring exhibitions