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Psiquadro is a science communication company established in 2002 by scientists and science communicators who had being working on the science communication field since the ‘90s. Company Mission – To make science a cultural event – To contribute to make science museums and science centres lively cultural environments. – To share science communication methods and reflect upon science communication theories and practices. – To invent and produce new tools to communicate the scientific culture. Company brief curriculum Over the last four years Psiquadro has realised workshop with more than 20,000 students all around who attended the 100 workshops about math physics and natural sciences. Psiquadro professionals have been involved in the project team of the new Muse in Trento. Psiquadro has organised four editions of the Perugia Science Fest, and some members of Psiquadro team are part of the Genova Science Festival schools for scientific animators scientific committee. Psiquadro has also presented its Science Circus format, that combines sciences and circus arts, during events such as the Mondadori Junior Festival in Verona in 2007. Since 2003 Psiquadro has been taking care of open days in research labs such as Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics. Since 2003 Psiquadro has developed strong collaboration with some important research institutions and Ministry (Infn – National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Infm – National Institute for the Physics of Matter, Ministry of Public Education, Ministry for Research and University, ANISN National Association of Natural Sciences Teachers, Inaf – National Institute for Astrophysics) Psiquadro is member of some project teams and associations whose aim is the science culture diffusions among students and general publics. Psiquadro is member of ISS – Insegnare Science Sperimentali Umbria steering committee a project lead by the Italian Ministry for Public Education. , Psiquadro organises cultural events such as the Perugia Science Fest and other sciences themed weeks and week-ends all year long, in Italian town and cities. The company both takes care of the cultural events scientific contents and practical aspects. Psiquadro staff includes exhibition and museum curators and animators. Psiquadro activities also include workshops for students from 3 to 18 years old. Training course for teachers and science communication professionals are also provided by Psiquadro.