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Eugenides Foundation

Public benefit foundation promoting scientific and technical education, honored with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Athens

Eugenides Foundation, a non-profit public benefit foundation, was established in 1954 in execution of the will of the notable national benefactor Eugene Eugenides. It is based in Athens and operates as a private entity. The end of the 20th Century marked the conception of a new vision for the Foundation. The activity of the renovated Eugenides Foundation is oriented towards six basic directions :

- The New Digital Planetarium, one of the largest and the most advanced digital Planetarium in the world, equipped to function as a wide screen domed theatre. - A Science Museum, with a modern exhibition area forming a space over three floors which occupy an overall surface area of about 2,000 sq.m. - The UTech Lab, a Technology Laboratory for secondary education students aged 13 -17 years and the general public, dedicated to modern technology. - A Library, with Multimedia applications and Distance Learning technology. - A modern Convention Centre. - New publishing activities. - Expanded training and Collaborative activities.