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A driving force in Quebec’s cultural scene for the past 28 years, Cirque Éloize creates, produces and stages content that enchants audiences. Its original productions have been embraced by over 5 million spectators in more than 575 cities around the world. In its quest for a diverse cultural offering, Cirque Éloize created a new division, Éloize Expo, in 2021 to bring audiences captivating immersive and educational experiences. Starting in summer 2021, Éloize Expo will present its very first immersive exhibit: Below the Arctic Ice with Mario Cyr.

“Our first exhibit, Below the Arctic Ice with Mario Cyr, aligns perfectly with the mission of Cirque Éloize to create rich entertainment content. Visitors will virtually accompany Mario Cyr on a dive to explore the Arctic marine environment and discover the animals that call it home. It is an enriching and educational experience that will leave no one unmoved.“

Jeannot Painchaud - President and Chief Creative Officer, Cirque Éloize