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DASA is an educational institution and at the same time a world of experience. It has a newly-constructed exhibition building offering exhibition space of 13,000 m². In addition to specialists in the area of occupational safety and health, who draw support from visiting the exhibition and the associated discussions, for example during events and seminars at DASA, it is above all young people and families who visit the facility. There are about 240,000 visitors each year, taking part in the guided tours, exploring the exhibition on their own with headphones (commentaries in German, English and French for pupils, adults and specialists in the field of occupational safety and health).

The focus is man, his health, his physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The subject matter is communicated in a practical way so as to be both stimulating and enjoyable, while still retaining a scientific approach designed to encourage learning. The themes are also presented seriously so as to give a true picture of the facts, while making use of aesthetic elements and artistic interpretation. DASA is at the same time a world of experience. The “learning ensembles“ offer younger visitors in particular a combination of cognition and emotion, of knowledge and sensual experience. This is achieved by the use of original exhibits in combination with “hands ons”, presentations by permanent staff, artistic interpretations of themes concerning occupational safety and health as well as multi-media installations.

Temporary art and special exhibitions, events such as special actions in school holidays, a youth conference, family days and concerts round off DASA´s attractions.