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Centro Ciencia Viva De Lagos

The Ciência Viva Centre in Lagos is a space of discovery, with numerous interactive modules and activities developed around the theme of the Discoveries and where History, Science and Technologies cross each other in an educational and entertaining way.

During the 15th Century, Lagos was an important basis for the search for the unknown undertaken by the Portuguese navigators. It was from this port that the ships that initiated the exploration of the African coast weighed anchor and it was also here that shipbuilding and navigation techniques were perfected. This search for the unknown led to the discovery of new lands, to the contact with other cultures as well as to important technical and scientific progress.

Known in Lagos as the “Casa Fogaça”, this interesting estate was reconstructed so as to transform a traditional residential space into a modern exhibition area. The balance of the facade, the garden with its small auditorium, the courtyard and the panoramic view, all impart an aesthetic and contemplative dimension to this space of Discovery.