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FAQ - Registration

Here you will find a compilation of everything you need to know in detail about registration for the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference.

General Conference FAQs



When can I buy a ticket for the Conference?

Tickets for the 2021 Conference will be available from 14 April 2021. The super early bird rate ends on 29 April and the early bird rate ends on 31 May.


What are the registration prices? Am I entitled to a discount?

Ecsite members have special discounts: 40% for Ecsite Full members and 20% for Sustaining, One person company and Associate members.

Full-time students also benefit from a special rate.

Note that speakers and convenors pay the same conference fee as all other participants and they need to register. Exceptions will be granted to new voices grantees who applied and were selected to benefit from the new voices scheme.

If you are not an Ecsite member, student, or new voices grantee, you'll need to pay the full online Conference price. Ecsite has no other funding possibilities.


What does my ticket include?

  • Access to all three days of the Online Conference (9-11 June)
  • A full Online Conference experience: an inspiring stage, interactive sessions, social and cultural events, Business buzz, one-on-one and group networking – with an open and creative community of science engagement professionals, giving you the flexibility to shape your own experience and tailor it to your needs
  • In addition, you'll gain access to the Online Conference recordings, from 15 June until the end of 2021, meaning that you can re-visit and re-watch sessions and key moments, or watch those that you missed when they were live!


What are institutional packages?

The institutional packages are for organisations who want multiple colleagues to join from their own institution. There are two institutional packages available; one which includes a ticket for upto 12 colleagues and an unlimited ticket for larger organisations. Please note that the 12-person institutional package is only available to Ecsite members.


Can I buy a ticket for someone specific?

Yes it's possible via the Conference's Solidarity Scheme which allows you to gift a ticket to someone, you can find more information here.


What is the Solidarity scheme?

To foster solidarity among participants of the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference, Ecsite is launching a new scheme - the Solidarity scheme - providing an opportunity for participants to gift a Conference ticket to those who might not be familiar with the Conference or might not be able to afford a ticket. How can you gift a Conference ticket to someone you know? Go ahead and register yourself and select the solidarity scheme to buy an extra ticket (at the same price as your own). The registration system will ask you to fill out the details of your guest, or you can choose to send a (personalised) link to your guest so they can register themselves. In both cases, your guest will receive all the relevant correspondence about the Conference as any other participant.


Can I give my ticket to a colleague?

Substitutions are allowed with written authorisation of the registrant who is unable to attend. All substitutions must be made in writing to info@ecsite.eu. Please note that if you have bought an extra ticket using the solidarity scheme, this does not apply and you simply complete the 'allocate your tickets' information when you buy the ticket (or send the link directly to them for them to complete). 


Can I register now and pay for my ticket later?

Yes, this is possible, but full payment of the registration is due within seven days of the invoice date. Possible bank charges related to the payment are to be paid by the customer. Your registration will only be activated and validated on the Conference platform when full payment has been received.


Do I have to allocate the tickets straightaway?

No, you have until 24 May to allocate the tickets. The only exception to this is if you buy a ticket after 24 May, in which case you should allocate the ticket as soon as possible. Allocating the tickets early means that you'll receive more information ahead of the Conference.


Can I allocate my ticket(s) before paying the invoice?

Yes you can, but participants will only be sent the Hopin login details once the invoice has been paid.


Why do I have to allocate my tickets?

Registration for the Ecsite Online Conference is in two steps:

First, book your ticket(s). You'll be able to choose between buying your own ticket, a package of tickets for your organisation, or even buying a ticket to gift to a peer. You will be able to pay directly, or choose to get an invoice, which needs to be paid within seven days.
The second step is to "allocate your tickets". This needs to be done to make sure that we can send all participants the correct links to access the full Online Conference experience, and to send them updates ahead of the event. You'll be able to allocate your ticket(s) straightaway, or you can send the link to your colleagues for them to register themselves. Don't forget to allocate the ticket in your own name if you've bought your own! Allocating your ticket is simply a way to make sure that each one is registered.


I received a message stating that the membership fee of my organisation hasn’t been paid yet. What should I do?

Contact your finance department, they’ll know what to do! If you’re in a hurry, and because bank transfers always take a few days, ask your finance department if they can send the credit card details to info@ecsite.eu.


I want to cancel my ticket, how can I proceed?

All cancellations must be made in writing to info@ecsite.eu. Between 14 and 29 April 2021 tickets can be cancelled subject to a processing fee of €10 excl. VAT (€12,10 incl. VAT). After 29 April 2021, cancellations are not permitted and the full payment must still be paid.


Where can I read Ecsite's Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions?

We have a dedicated page on our website for Ecsite's Privacy Policy. The General Terms and Conditions for the 2021 Ecsite Conference will also be sent to you with your confirmation email after you register.


I didn't find my question in this FAQ section…

Don’t worry! Please contact our team at info@ecsite.eu (+32 2 649 73 83) with your question. We will happily answer your question (and perhaps add it as a FAQ!)



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