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FAQ - Registration

2020 Ecsite Conference

Echoes from the future
Ljubljana, Slovenia 11 June 2020 - 13 June 2020

Here you will find a compilation of everything you need to know in detail about registering to the upcoming Ecsite Conference


When can I buy a ticket for the conference?

Online registration opens on 12 February and closes on 27 May. Registration on site is also possible.


What are the registration prices? Am I entitled to a discount?

See all the rates (and deadlines) on the dedicated registration page.

Ecsite members have special discounts: 25% for Ecsite Full, Sustaining and One person company members and 15% for Associate members.

Full time students also benefit from a special rate.

Note that speakers and convenors pay the same conference fee as all other participants and they need to register. Exception granted to 1) pre-conference speakers who will receive a promotional code for a free registration at their pre-conference workshop; and 2) fresh-ideas grantees who applied and were selected to benefit from the fresh ideas scheme (now closed).

If you are not an Ecsite member, a student, pre-conference speaker nor fresh-ideas grantee, you'll need to pay the full conference price. Ecsite has no other funding possibilities. We advise those who can apply, to stay tuned to Erasmus + funding.


I didn't find my question in this FAQ section…

Don’t worry! Please contact our team at info@ecsite.eu (+32 2 649 73 83) with your question. We will happily answer your question (and perhaps add it as a FAQ!)



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