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FAQ - Registration

Here you will find a compilation of everything you need to know in detail about registration for the 2022 Ecsite Conference.

General Conference FAQs



When can I buy a ticket for the Conference?

Tickets for the 2022 Conference will be available from 10 February 2022.


What are the registration prices? Am I entitled to a discount?

Detailed conference fees are now available on the registration website.

Ecsite members have special discounts: 25% for Ecsite Full, Sustaining and One-person company members and 15% for  Associate members.

Full-time students also benefit from a special rate.

Note that speakers and convenors pay the same Conference fee as all other participants and they need to register.

If you/your organisation is not a member of Ecsite or student, you'll need to pay the full Conference price. Ecsite has no other funding possibilities.



I received a message stating that the membership fee of my organisation hasn’t been paid yet. What should I do?

Contact your finance department, they’ll know what to do! If you’re in a hurry, and because bank transfers always take a few days, ask your finance department if they can send the credit card details to info@ecsite.eu.


Where can I read Ecsite's Privacy Policy?

We have a dedicated page on our website for Ecsite's Privacy Policy.


I didn't find my question in this FAQ section…

Don’t worry! Please contact our team at info@ecsite.eu (+32 2 649 73 83) with your question. We will happily answer your question (and perhaps add it as a FAQ!). We also have a dedicated FAQs page for practical information and Covid-related questions, you can also check there!



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