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Call for proposals

2022 Ecsite Conference

Heilbronn, Germany 2 June 2022 - 4 June 2022

The call for session proposals for the 2022 Ecsite Conference is now open!

The Ecsite Conference sessions are created, designed and led by professionals within the community and are full of creativity, debate and unique experiences, from traditional panel sessions to idea-jams and anything in between.

The 2022 Ecsite Conference will be an opportunity to (re)connect and meet, learn and share experience and expertise in person in Heilbronn, Germany. The call for session ideas opened on Thursday 16 September and closes on 2 November. Submitted session proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Conference Programme Committee, whose members are science engagement experts and representatives of previous and future Conference hosts.

What are we looking for?

A variety of sessions; alongside more traditional formats such as panels and reverse sessions, we welcome new ideas and suggestions for your sessions. Over the last few years we've also had parliamentary style debates, idea jams, a fake magazine editorial session, fireside storytelling and much much more! We want to see and hear from individuals with stories to tell, experiences to share and ways to learn and inspire each other. Make your session proposal bold, creative and make it stand out with an inspiring mix of speakers - the ACPC will delve into each and every proposal received and you want to make sure yours comes out on top. Participants join the Ecsite Conference for interactive, memorable experiences!

Note that in order to make the programme easier to read we need to keep abstracts short: if you can, reduce your abstract to 900 characters including spaces. Generally speaking we recommend simple, descriptive titles that clearly state what to expect from a session.

How to get your session accepted

Head to our FAQs for a full lowdown on what makes a great session proposal! You have higher chances of success if your proposal is engaging or interactive, or is linked to the pandemic or the Ecsite strategy. Take a look here for further information on the most successful session formats. We have also created this handy guide with lots of tips and tricks.

As always, we are looking for collaborative sessions, where peers work together with colleagues in other organisations and other countries around the world. We know this can be daunting, especially for newcomers, and therefore we have the Conference Forum and the Ecsite app to guide and support you in finding colleagues you can work with. And you don't have to work for an Ecsite member organisation to take part.

Use the Ecsite app to find potential speakers and convenors

Whether this will be your first Ecsite Conference or your 33rd, the Ecsite app is still an incredibly useful tool to create connections and initiate conversations. The meetups function makes it easier to find others in the community who might want to brainstorm new ideas. You launch the meetup, and we promote it to the Ecsite community - get planning!

Submit proposal or idea

Please first or to access the forum, view submitted proposals and post your own ideas or sessions.

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Check out our compilation of everything you need to know in detail about submitting a session proposal. (benefits & deadlines)

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