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Call for proposals 2023

The Call for proposals for the 2023 Ecsite Conference is closed.

Ecsite welcomes all professionals, both Ecsite members and non-members, working in and supporting the field of science engagement, to submit proposals for the Conference sessions, Pre-conference Workshops and Showcases for Ecsite 2023, taking place in English. 

Please read the following information to help you submit a successful proposal and note there are different forms to complete for each type of speaking opportunity.

  1. Key Dates
  2. Speaking opportunities
  3. Assessment criteria
  4. Seven steps to submitting a successful proposal
  5. Help sessions
  6. Additional information


1. Key dates: 

Call for proposals opens   17 Aug 2022
Virtual help session 1 @ 2pm CEST   6 Sept 2022
Virtual help session 2 @ 2pm CEST   15 Sept 2022
Virtual help session 3 @ 2pm CEST   20 Sept 2022
Virtual help session 4 @ 2pm CEST   18 Oct 2022
Closing date proposal submissions                                  31 Oct 2022
Feedback from ACPC on proposal submission              Mid Dec 2022
Programme finalised                                         Mid Jan 2023







Registration opens online   15 Feb 2023
Super early bird registration closes                               15 Mar 2023
Early bird registration closes                  19 Apr 2023
Online registration closes   31 May 2023
ECSITE 2023 CONFERENCE MALTA                             
One Day Pre-conference Workshops                                      14 June 2023
Main Conference   15-17 June 2023


2. Speaking Opportunities

We are taking proposals simultaneously for all speaking opportunities at the Conference to give you the chance to decide how and when you’d like to contribute. This includes:

1. Pre-conference workshops 14 June

  • 5+ whole day workshops
  • In-depth, interactive, peer learning workshops
  • Small group (normally about 50 people)
  • These will take place at Esplora Science Centre

2. Conference sessions 15-17 June

  • 100+ parallel sessions that make up the three days of the main Conference
  • 75 minutes varied format sessions
  • Up to 150 people
  • A critical view on relevant topics presented by a diverse group of speakers.
  • These will take place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta
  • There will be a makerspace available, please state in your submission if you'd like to use this space.

3. Showcases 15-17 June

  • What's New in Travelling Exhibitions
    • A preview of current and upcoming travelling science exhibitions across Europe and the world.
    • Fast-paced session, 4 minutes per speaker to promote your travelling exhibition 
    • See previous examples
  • The Project Showcase
    • For anyone working on a non-profit & collaborative project to tell the whole community
    • 2-minute, jargon-free pitch around an object that embodies your project, followed by networking
    • All welcome, but priority is given to projects that involve Ecsite members
    • See previous examples
  • The Grand Bazaar
    • Hands-on activities showcase
    • Inspiring and playful hands-on activities and demonstrations. For enthusiastic experts who are ready to show off their practical ways in which to engage with the public.
    • Please contact Wiktor Gajewski to express your interest.


3. Assessment criteria

Sessions are evaluated and selected by the Conference Programme Committee (ACPC), whose members are experts in the field of science engagement.

Brad Irwin, ACPC Chairperson ''I'm really pleased to be starting this process again to select ideas and formats that challenge us as a sector, that make us think differently and when combined, make an outstanding programme'.

In the spirit of transparency and to give a clear indication to first-time speakers the ACPC has developed an assessment rubric detailing what they are looking for in a successful proposal submission.

The ACPC will meet and review all proposal submissions and issue feedback in Mid December, which will be positive, negative or conditional acceptance.

Those receiving a conditional acceptance will have a month to make the requested changes in order to receive a positive outcome.


4. Seven steps to submitting a successful proposal

 1. Read this page from top to bottom

This will ensure you have all the facts at hand before starting. 

2. Gather together a group (min 3 people) and a concept/theme/idea

Do you have an idea? Topics can be related to, but are not limited to the Ecsite Strategic Commitments of:

  • The climate and biodiversity crisis
  • Misinformation and trust in science
  • 21st Century skills
  • Inclusion and equity
  • Health and wellbeing

We are looking for a critical view on a variety of topics from a diverse group of speakers. 

For the Pre-Conference workshop consider suggesting ideas that could make use of the venue, the Esplora Interactive Science Centre.

If you are looking for other speakers, we have created a LinkedIn group to help find colleagues. Join it too if you are a speaker looking for an opportunity. Make sure to read the assessment criteria rubric to understand what the ACPC is looking for.

Please note that all speakers must register for the conference and pay the registration fee. *Exception: There are six free speakers passes per Pre-Conference Workshop valid on 14th June only

3. Select the best speaking opportunity

Could your group make an engaging, in-depth full day agenda for your peers? => We recommend a Pre-Conference Workshop

Does your group have enough material for 75 minutes to engage and inspire your peers? => We recommend a Conference Session

Do you have a travelling exhibition, project or hands-on experience you'd like to tell the community about in just a few minutes? => We recommend a Showcase 


4. Create a profile on the Ecsite website

ALL speakers and facilitators must create a profile on the Ecsite website. This must be done to link the speakers to your speaking opportunity proposal before submission. Each new profile must be manually approved, so please don't wait until the last minute. 

Click on this link to complete the form and submit it.

5. Nominate a contact person

This person is responsible for submission to post conference evaluation and the person with whom the Ecsite team will communicate.

This is automatically the person who submits the proposal.

The contact person should shape the content together with the speakers, find speakers where necessary, ensure the presentations are coherent with a clear vision, successfully meet the aims set out in the abstract and ensure that all is ready on the day. This role requires good communication with the session’s speakers prior to the Conference. 

The contact person can also speak or be the facilitator but not both.

6. Nominate a facilitator

This person is responsible for facilitating the session at the Conference.

This is not a speaker, unless you can justify through the format of the session that this would work.

7. Submit your proposal online

When you have followed these steps and are ready with all your information, you are ready to submit using the buttons above. 

Please note, you can return at any time to update your proposal until the deadline. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email and cannot make further changes. After the assessment feedback, you will receive an email with a link to edit your proposal.

5. Help sessions

Following the success of the online help sessions last year, we will be running these again for anyone interested in submitting a proposal for the Ecsite 2023 Conference.

We will take you step by step through the submission process and answer any questions you may have. Check out the dates.


6. Additional Information

Here are just a few final tips to help you on your way

  • Speakers and Facilitators pay the same Conference fee as all other participants.
  • A person could be a speaker and/or facilitator at a maximum of three sessions.
  • Please avoid resubmitting sessions presented in previous Ecsite conferences. 
  • This is an open and honest peer learning moment, sharing failures and learnings is a good thing.
  • Double check you complete the correct submission form for the opportunity.
  • Unfortunately, the ACPC are unable to enter into discussions about the outcome of the assessment process.
  • Anyone can submit a proposal whether an Ecsite member or not, we are actively seeking new voices. We will offer a limited number of speakers the opportunity to participate in sessions remotely.
  • If you'd like to use the makerspace and have any questions, please contact Wiktor.

If you have read to here and you still have a question, please contact Ecsite's Event Manager Wiktor who will be very happy to help you.



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