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2021 Ecsite Conference

Stavanger, Norway 10 June 2021 - 12 June 2021

The 2021 Ecsite Conference will be taking place in Stavanger, Norway, on 10-12 June 2021, with pre-Conference workshops on 8-9 June. The call for session proposals is now open!

#Ecsite2021 in Stavanger - sneak preview

The European science engagement Conference is open to all professionals who engage audiences with science and technology.

The Ecsite Conference offers an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, purposeful and creative sessions and inspiring human encounters. An annual professional development opportunity: sharpen your critical mind, recharge your batteries, harvest contacts and tools, make business and let off steam on the dance floor.

The 2021 Ecsite Conference will be taking place in Stavanger, Norway, on 10-12 June 2021 (with pre-Conference workshops on 8-9 June). It will be co-hosted by Jærmuseet and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

Conference sessions will the taking place at the Stavanger Forum Conference and Exhibition Centre, where the Business Bistro will also be located.

It will be the first time in Ecsite history that Norway hosts the Ecsite Conference. Surrounded by fjords, mountains, beaches and water, the Stavanger region is a truly unique destination. Social events, some in the city centre of Stavanger and Sandnes and some in the agricultural areas of the region will ensure that participants get to see a variety of locations and the nature that Norway is so famous for.

The theme - Exploring Synergies

People attend the Conference alone and people attend together with colleagues. A blend of small, medium and large science engagement organisations, travelling from all corners of Europe – and the globe.

Coming together with curiosity, knowledge, experience and ideas, merging into one large melting pot.

Cooperating to make the science communication field stronger and more effective, sharing strategies and solutions.

People leave the Conference alone and people leave together with colleagues. A blend of small, medium and large science engagement organisations travelling back to where they came from.

Synergies have been explored.

About the Hosts

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum opened in 1999 as a national centre for documentation of and imparting knowledge about the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Today it is a modern museum located in the heart of Stavanger with interactive exhibitions. The museum is also famous for its world-class architecture.

Jærmuseet, the museum of the Jaeren region, is an independent foundation established by seven municipalities. Today, Jærmuseet runs a total of 13 museums, two of which are also science centres: Vitengarden, “the Science Farm” and Vitenfabrikken, “the Science Factory”. Jærmuseet also has an outreach programme called Science Circus.

About Stavanger

Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway, and is often referred to as the “energy capital”. It is located on the Southwestern coast of Norway’s Fjord region, offering some of the most majestic and spectacular scenery in the world. The world-famous Pulpit Rock is located only a short ferry trip away from Stavanger’s intimate city centre.

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Call for proposals

The call for session proposals for the 2021 Ecsite Conference is now open!



A combined science centre and museum with a total of 13 locations. Main topics are agriculture, industry and innovations. Exhibitions, schoolprograms, a living historical farm.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger provides a modern interactive setting for experiencing how oil and gas were created millions of years ago, how petroleum is found and how it is used. Original objects, models, films and interactive exhibits convey the history of oil operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The museum also provides insights into technological developments in the petroleum sector, and the way this industry has affected Norwegian society.

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