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Creepy Crawly - you are NEVER alone

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive.
At the Experimentarium’s special exhibition, CreepyCrawly – you are NEVER alone, you can experience the creepy crawly lives that go on around you, on top of you and inside of you. The exhibition teems with living – and dead – surprises that you’ll recognise from daily life as well as some new acquaintances. 
'''There's fun and games for the entire family, both for those who like spiders and those who are a little bit frightened of them. Pay a visit to your closest neighbours – observe them, play with them, and compete with them.''' Through the use of video microscopes, the exhibition gets up close and personal with the smallest inhabitants of our homes, such as bacteria, fungus, flies, dust mites and spiders.

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive. 

Go on a voyage of discovery in the fascinating and thought-provoking world of CreepyCrawly creatures. From flies and ants a hundred times thicker than one strand of your hair all the way to bacteria and fungi a hundred times thinner. Take a hair from your head and notice the thickness of it: can you imagine a life existing on one strand of hair? You’ll find that it can – one strand of hair is the standard scale of measurement used throughout the exhibition. 

We coexist together with all of these tiny creatures whether we want to or not. The better we know them, however, the more interesting they become to us. We may feel that the spider is something of a mini- monster, but its web is a work of art and a stunning achievement on a very grand scale. Spiders can even bring us luck!

Ants can be annoying when they reach the kitchen table but at the same time they captivate us with their ability to zero in on the sweets. And when it comes to the really tiny creatures – dust mites, the micro-organisms found in stagnant flower vase water, bacteria – our prejudices are even stronger; we believe that when you see them up close you will have a change of heart.

CreepyCrawly – you are NEVER alone is divided into the following sections:

'''Welcome to CreepyCrawly'''
Step into an amazing micro-world as soon as you set foot inside the door. Dance with a greenbottle fly, get close to a dust mite and meet salmonella and other well-known micro-organisms. Share your experiences with your friends and family by sending electronic picture postcards of you and your new pals from the Reduction Machine.

'''Creepy crawlies surround you'''
You’ll get the chance to be a fly on the wall so you can scrutinise your buzzing housemates. Meet the ants and find out how they manage to make their way to the kitchen cupboards despite your best efforts. Test your phobias and take a closer look at common household critters – you might be surprised to find yourself liking them when you get to know them better. '''MicroLand''' Meet the tiniest inhabitants of your home – bacteria and fungi. Discover why old food gets all hairy and slimy. Explore with the microscope and watch as a drama-filled world of micro-organisms plays itself out in your flower vase.

'''Crawling all over you'''
You’ve got all kinds of tiny bed mates, but did you know that your body is their home? Get to know your little "friends" and find out how to get rid of the worst of them. Crawl around in a head of hair along with a louse and spy on the dust mites.

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