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The Brain

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive.

It is no exaggeration to look at the brain as the most important organ in the human body. In all of our actions, motions, thoughts and feelings the brain is involved. Without the brain we wouldn’t be able to see, remember, cycle, communicate, feel, sleep or maintain body temperature. The brain has a great impact on our life and who we are.
Through a very personal experience the exhibit “The Brain” gives the visitor the chance to explore the fascinating universe of his own brain, its functions, components, great facilities and potentials.

Warning: this exhibition is no longer available - it is kept here for archive. 

“The Brain” is in all aspects interactive, letting the visitor learn through experiments.

“The Brain” has been received very positively by the visitors. The number of visitors has been much higher than it has been to any other special exhibition presented at Experimentarium.

The tremendous success of “The Brain” is a result of the following factors:

1. ”The Brain” is about the visitor himself. There are more than 35 activities with which you can experiment with your own brain.

2.“The Brain” is great fun. Walking through the exhibition you hear laughter and discussions all the time. The exhibit has a strong attraction value, but has at the same time also a great holding value. This means that the visitor spends a lot of time with the exhibits.

3. “The Brain” has been received extremely well by the media in Denmark and Sweden. The major television channels have shown about 80 minutes in total from the exhibition in the national news at primetime. Many television shows have used the exhibits as a backdrop in their programs. About 20 different national and local radio stations have broadcast serious programs about the brain, using elements from the exhibition, and the national and local newspapers have covered the exhibition in more than 75 different leading articles. The reason for the strong media interest is probably because the brain in general, is very much in focus this decade.

4. “The Brain” appeals to many different groups of people with a special interest in the brain. One example is the Health and Care sector - a very large and very well organised group of special interest.

5. The educational groups ranging from 5th grade to university level have taken the exhibition to their heart. In average 40 school classes every day have visited the exhibition during the opening in Experimentarium.

6. There have never been so many requests to arrange special evenings and events as with this exhibition; especially corporations from the medical industry and the computer industry are very eager to have conferences, product presentations and staff entertainment evenings at this special venue.

Outline of the exhibition

The exhibition is divided into three main areas and 13 themes:

''' This is your brain'''

• Here is your brain

• A view of the brain

• The brain never sleeps

• The brain and hormones

• Nerves – the messengers of the brain '''The thinking brain'''

• Intelligence and personality

• The brain hears the unsaid

• The prejudiced brain

• Left or right hemisphere?

• The brain has feelings

• The brain learns and remembers '''The brain moves the body'''

• The brain controls movement

• The brain has spatial sense

Each theme is composed of a number of hands-on stand alone activities and hands-on desk activities - all with explanations. One or two panels, displayed in an appetizing form with short texts and nice illustrations offer an overview of the present knowledge of the subject.

[http://www.experimentarium.dk/for-virksomheder/konsulentafdeling/travell... Learn more about the exhibition]

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