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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Equity & Inclusion
Marianne AchiamSheena LaursenAntonia CaolaPenny FidlerDavid JonesMaarten OkkersenGillian Roddie

Inequity in science will not resolve itself! An obvious place to counteract inequity is the open and including environment of science centres and museums. However, some of these institutions, influenced by norms and traditions in the societies...

Radhika Beaume

The GameLab at Ecsite brings together people who are working with games and play in science centres and museums. They are experienced at creating games which range from real world escape rooms to virtual reality adventures, community game hacks...

Sheena LaursenPia Maria LieThomas Dyreborg AndersenMads KringLuigi Amodio

Science centres and museums reach out to schools because they are an important target group.

Many teachers and students visit our exhibitions on their own. Sometimes schools come unprepared and don’t have a clear purpose for their visit....

Aymeric Faucher

Mass Affect is a multi-pedagogical serious game developed at the CRI - Interdisciplinary Research Centre (Paris, France). It is based on the control of the Center Of Mass of players, a physical concept which offers a real-time collaborative...

Strategy & vision
Erik JacquemynHans GubbelsBarry Van DemanMaurice BitranGerfried StockerLuigi AmodioMaria Isabel GarciaUlrike KastrupSilvia Singer

50 years ago the first science centres as we know them today opened: the Exploratorium in San Francisco and the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.

It was the start of a big science centre movement which led to the development of almost 3,...

Mikko MyllykoskiAntonia CaolaIan Brunswick

Sum up the conference by joining this fact-fueled event testing your recall of the conference's highlights – and learn about the highlights you missed. The questions will touch on keynotes, parallel sessions, Business Bistro and social events....

Rannei Solbak SimonsenJuanita Schläpfer-Miller

This session offers three hands-on workshops differing in theme, technology and complexity: use a mix of high and low tech tools to design your own lamps; build your own sensory devices to detect the sound wavelengths generated by plants or...

Science ♥ society
Melissa RichardIsabelle Chabanon-PougetMelissa RichardFabrice JouvenotMalvina ArtheauIsabelle Chabanon-PougetDaniela De AngeliYael Bamberger

In this whole day workshop we trigger participants’ creativity, imagine one or several science related games and bring them to life through prototyping. Prototypes will then be beta tested during the rest of the conference, at the GameLab (the...