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Reconciling innovative exhibit design and the demands of today’s compensation culture

Visitors, especially families and schools, often understand our institutions to be absolutely liable and we are frequently confronted with claims for compensation. This session will explore the difficulties curators and exhibition designers face when trying to implement innovative hands-on concepts in this context. The fear of lawsuits affects the exhibit planning process, in particular activities involving real tools or other highly participatory formats.

Together we will explore innovative formats encouraging visitors to get physically active beyond the normal extent, will explore how their implementation is threatened by the urge of institutions to legally protect themselves and will look for a compromise or way out.

This session is proposed at part of a partnership between Ecsite and Hands On!, International Association of Children's Museums.

More about this session: How can science centres and museums balance both innovation and legal security? What would exhibition makers like to offer, but do not dare to tackle given the current situation? Get inspired by our brave practices and discuss your own struggles with experts and colleagues.

Session speakers

Executive Assistant
Hands On! International Association of Children in Museums
Brave Practice: From Zany to brainy: inventor mice and inventive geniuses. A maker space inspired exhibition encouraging little visitors to create, invent and build.
Deputy Director
Brave practice: Winter sports. An exhibition featuring Olympic winter sports, including a real ski jump hill for visitors.
Science Centres International
United Kingdom
Brave practice: open-ended exhibitions and labs encouraging personal exploration.