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Ecsite launches its new strategy

Discover Ecsite's new strategy

We are delighted to share with you the Ecsite 2021 strategy, which has been a collaborative achievement between Ecsite and its member organisations and at a time when connections felt especially important. The new strategy is an opportunity to set out clear guiding principles and strategic directions that will shape our work over the coming years.

With this strategy, we take our mission and vision further, setting out new commitments and defining the principles that guide our actions. By implementing this strategy, we empower professionals in our network around initiatives where science engagement organisations make a real difference: on societal topics like climate, equity and trust in science. As such, we work towards our common ambition - to deepen the impact of the crucial role we play in the world.

This strategy will spark changes to the way we work, allowing us to achieve our mission better. It helps us channel our resources to focus our energy. Crucially, it gives our work leverage, building our capacity and increasing our collective impact on people’s lives. It allows us to better equip the European public to tackle the broader societal challenges we all face.

You can read the strategy document in its entirety right here.


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