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Université libre de Bruxelles - Département INFORSCIENCES

INFORSCIENCES is a department within the Faculty of Sciences of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

This Department of the Faculty gathers and coordinates science communication and science outreach events and actions towards schools, science teachers and general public.

It allows everyone to taste Science, to discover its many facets, from the experimental approach to understanding the social and democratic stakes that relate to it, through the simple pleasure of discovery.

Through its museum entities, INFORSCIENCES is a member of the ULB Museums Network. It is also part of the Scité interuniversity network (sciences.be) which links science promotion entities of five French-speaking universities in Belgium.

In addition, it is our responsibility to bring together, with a competent researcher, anyone who is anxious to obtain an answer to his scientific questions.

Our major annual event is the Printemps des Sciences that brings together every year more than 50.000 people in a multisite one week long scientific festival with totally free activities for everyone.


19 March 2018 - 25 March 2018