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Carasso Science Park


Carasso Science Park opened to the public in 2013 in Beer-Sheva, in southern Israel. Designed to foster the science and technology leaders of tomorrow, Carasso Science Park serves as a leading educational and cultural pivot in the Negev Region. The Park’s overriding aim is to create the infrastructure to enable children and youth, throughout Israel’s southern periphery, to excel and reach achievements, especially in science and technology.

Today, Carasso Science Park is one of Israel’s four recognized science museums.

Carasso Science Park offers more than 4.25 acres of fascinating science and technology exhibits, unique interactive features, hands-on science games and activities, and an outdoor science garden. It is located in the old city of Beer Sheva and includes several magnificent historical buildings restored from the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate periods, combining new interactive technology exhibits with old testimonies of the history of Israel and its southern region.

The opening of Carasso Science Park for visitors in 2013, was a notable turning point for the city of Beer Sheva and southern Israel, in several aspects – culture, tourism and education. Since its opening for visitors in 2013, it has provided service to more than 1.2 million visitors – children, youth and adults as private visitors, organized groups, school students, education personnel, tourists from Israel and abroad, etc.

STEM Education Creating Impact

Carasso Science Park constitutes a unique, multi-faceted educational platform and is one of a few science museums world-wide that includes a certified science school operating from within the museum. This unique education model is based on joining forces with the formal education system and demonstrates the strengths of each system – especially the effectiveness of the informal education system that has been developed for years in science museums.

In addition, Carasso Science Park is part of the comprehensive educational ‘Gustave Leven Campus’, which is operated by ‘Beit Yatziv’ and includes several activity supporting infrastructures, such as: An Open University college offering various courses and training for certificate studies, lodging and dining accommodations, classes and conference rooms, the ‘Maof Elementary School for Scientific Excellence’ and more.

The Scientific Exhibitions at Carasso Science Park The overriding goal of a science museum is to ignite wonder, create excitement and encourage scientific thinking among the visitors – both children and adults, as a means to process said wonder and excitement. Carasso Science Park the following permanent exhibitions, including: • Agriculture: Protecting Our Crops • Communication: The Evolution of Media Technology • Energy: Sources of Energy and Energy Conversion • Light, Voice and Hearing • Mechanics and Mechanisms • World of the Microchip • Molecular Biology and Genetics: The Code of Life • The Nucleus of Science • Hearing and Sound • An outdoor science garden with some 15 hands-on exhibits • Etya-tech – a scientific playroom for infants, toddlers and young children.