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Plans and guidelines for re-opening

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A collection of guidelines and  re-opening plans for science centres & museums

With European countries lifting COVID-19 containment measures, many science centres and museums are now re-opening or working on re-opening strategies.
To help science centres and museums in this crucial phase, Ecsite is collecting re-opening plans, recommendations and guidelines from different countries across Europe.

This list is updated on a daily basis with the latest documents and information we receive from our members and our sister organisations worldwide.

If you wish to share guidelines or re-opening plans that have been drafted for your own organisation, in your country, or for other organisations (of course with the consent of the organisation drafting it), you can send them to mcouedic@ecsite.eu.


FRida & freD - The Graz Children's Museum prepared a specific set of recommendations for children's museums, which have different requirements than conventional museums. Available in German.


Belgian museum organisations drew up a document for the resumption of museum activities, including a seven-point plan to guarantee sanitary measures. Available in French.

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre drafted re-opening guidelines and organised a safety training for its staff with general security measures to be applied in the context of the Corona crisis. Available in Dutch.


Universcience put together a comprehensive guide to prepare its staff when returning to work on their premises. The purpose of this guide is to give staff the essential guidelines and the instructions to be respected in the science centre to protect both staffs and visitors, from the COVID-19. Webinars were also organised to present the document and its recommendations to Universcience’s employees. Available in French.

The French Ministry for Culture published guidelines for museums re-opening. The document can be uploaded on their website. Available in French.


MINTaktiv, the German network of science centres and technology museums published its recommendation of measures for the reopening of science centres and technical museums. Available in German.

The Neanderthal Museum reopened on 5 May 2020 and follows a comprehensive list of measures to comply with hygiene and distance rules. Available in German.

Re-opening guidelines from the science centre Universum® in Bremen are available in German.


The Norwegian Museums Association published a set of guidelines for:

Available in Norwegian.


Recommendations from the Swiss Museums Association are available in French, German and Italian.

The Netherlands

The Dutch Museums Association drafted a provisional protocol for safe and responsible reopening of museums. Available in Dutch, a final version will be soon published on museumcontact.nl.


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