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Ecsite Annual Conference 2010 - Grant Opportunity Available

Through the Grundtvig programme, the European Commission provides funding to promote exchanges of experiences and the development of a European dimension in all sectors of adult education. The Ecsite Annual Conference is for one more year officially accredited as one of the training opportunities for individuals that are involved in adult education. If you are interested to attend either the Ecsite workshop on evaluation of exhibits or the workshop on explainers ‘Learning cultures’ and the main conference, all you need to is to apply for the Grant. The Grant will cover your fees and accommodation expenses. In order to apply you need to contact your National Agency. For more information on the grant, see the Comenius-Gruntvig database , the training is registered under the reference ‘BE-2009-107-001’ Theme for the Ecsite Annual conference 2010

In 2010, the Ecsite Annual Conference meets the European Capital of Culture in Dortmund, Germany’s green metropolis. The Conference is hosted by DASA, from 3 to 5 June 2010.

The year’s most important European gathering for science centres and museums will be hosted by DASA, a unique institution combining a traditional museum and modern science centre with a distinct creative flair, to provide an innovative experience of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s world of work.

We will take this opportunity to look at the world of our own work, with three days of challenging sessions and heated discussion, social events and business opportunities, preceded by two days of in-depth pre-conference meetings and workshops.

Whether you come from a science centre or museum, a natural history museum, a university, an aquarium, a zoo, a research institute or a private company, the network’s 21st Annual Conference is the date for your calendar.

We also invite you to discover the secrets of the former ”steel city”, now a place for innovation and technological development. There is plenty more to Dortmund than beer and football, and we plan to give you a real taste of the city.

We look forward to meeting you in Dortmund, to make the most of the atmosphere of creativity and culture for our 21st Annual Conference.

For more information visit the Ecsite Conference website.