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News 11 October 2018
Booklet cover: Success stories from Science with and for Society

Sparks, RRI Tools and Hypatia are featured in a booklet released by Sis.net, the Network of National Contact Points for Science with and for Society in Horizon 2020.

News 12 September 2018

You might have read our recent Lookout article in Spokes about legacies of projects and you might have thought what are the specific examples of projects that have survived beyond their funding? Sparks, the H2020 project Ecsite was coordinating, that finished a few months ago is one of those examples.

News 26 July 2018

Over the last 3 years Ecsite has been coordinating the EC funded H2020 Sparks project which directly involved 22 Ecsite members and many more indirectly. With the end of the project, the SPARKS team says farewell and take the opportunity to share this experience with the whole of our Ecsite community by sharing the legacy of the project with and interesting tools it leaves behind.

News 14 June 2018
Policy recommendations from the Sparks Project - Shaking up science and society relations

One of Ecsite's most ambitious projects, Sparks, is ending this month. We thought it was a good occasion to present our recommendations for policy-makers. Sparks exhibition Beyond the lab was visited by more than 1 million citizens in 28 countries. Partners have also experimented with various participatory activities formats bringing together citizens, researchers, and policy-makers.

News 9 May 2018
© Reimar Ott

...and would like to get a glimpse of how it went, have a look at this quick video and check out the Twitter Moment. The Forum 'Shaking up Science&Society Relations' gathered more than 100 participants ranging from science communicators to policy-makers, from DIY scientists to academics. Provocative keynotes, dialogues on art and science, inspirational words from MEPs, science espressos and lots of meaningful conversations all shook the house.

International conference 4 May 2018

On 4 May 2018, Sparks will hold its final forum in Brussels: we are proud to present the results and lessons learnt of this three-year pan-European collaboration.

The event will bring together projects partners, DIY scientists featured in the Sparks’ exhibition, artists, academics, science communicators, policy makers and more to share knowledge and ideas on participatory practices in science.

News 13 March 2018

On 3 and 4 May 2018, Sparks will hold its final forum in Brussels.

The event will bring together DIY scientists, artists, academics, science communicators, policymakers and more to share knowledge and ideas on participatory practices in science.

Calls 22 February 2018

Ecsite is offering to up to three of its members the opportunity to receive Beyond the Lab on a long-term basis. Apply before 11 March.

News 10 January 2018
Beyond the Lab

Sparks announces four new exhibition venues and remind you of the upcoming event 'Post-truth vs. Science Engagement'.

News 11 December 2017

The Sparks project is organising its European edition of the Reverse Science Café in Brussels on 23 January. Registration opens on 21 December.


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