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What is Sparks recommending to policy-makers?

Policy recommendations from the Sparks Project - Shaking up science and society relations

One of Ecsite's most ambitious projects, Sparks, is ending this month. We thought it was a good occasion to present our recommendations for policy-makers. Sparks exhibition Beyond the lab was visited by more than 1 million citizens in 28 countries. Partners have also experimented with various participatory activities formats bringing together citizens, researchers, and policy-makers. An evaluation was conducted everywhere we went in order to capture learning and inform future policy-making. This evaluation created the basis of our recommendations to policy makers and decision makers. Sparks puts forth five key recommendations aimed at shaking up science and society relations. European, national and regional policymakers are invited to reflect on how they can be integrated into policy and implemented on the ground. The recommendations were drafted by the Sparks consortium and validated by 150 participants of the project's final Forum.