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Beyond the lab: beyond Sparks

Sparks: a three-year journey rethinking innovation together!

You might have read our recent Lookout article in Spokes about legacies of projects and you might have thought what are the specific examples of projects that have survived beyond their funding? Sparks, the H2020 project Ecsite was coordinating, that finished a few months ago is one of those examples. Sparks has created a beautiful exhibition Beyond the lab: the DIY science revolution telling stories of citizen scientists. After the project has finished, three copies of the exhibition got donated to three Ecsite members. In Poland, the show is already open at the Mill of Knowledge and will be displayed until 4 July 2019. Parque de las Ciencias in Spain are preparing for the opening in February 2019 , where their visitors will be able to enjoy it until 2023! If you are based in Western Europe and you missed the exhibition while it was on tour, head no further than Science LinX in the Netherlands towards the end of this year.