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Blended learning in science education

February 2021 - May 2021

Are you an education professional working in a blended learning environment? Do you want to take a visitor-centred approach to learn more about the future of education in your field? Our interactive, co-creative workroom will give you support and guidance, and using the Value Proposition Canvas, we will seek to find the best solutions with which to engage our audiences.

Join our workroom on blended learning in science education

More than 90% of Europe's museums and science centres have been closed in recent months, but the sector has been incredibly active in offering activities, programmes and exhibitions digitally.

Many anticipate that the ‘new normal' for science education that emerges out of this will be a hybrid of old practices intermingled with the opportunities that the digital world provides. However, in this current time frame we need to start questioning and rethinking our programmes; how can we learn from the current situation? Are there more possibilities to ensure our target groups are involved?

Our workroom events

Our workroom is split into three events, with some offline work required. The first introduces our speakers and we discuss a variety of provocations to get us thinking. Our second event delves deeper into the workings of the Value Proposition Canvas and working in small groups we will start to create our own projects. There will be a period of six weeks between the second and third events to allow for offline discussion and time to digest and work on our projects in our working groups. Finally, our third event will bring the whole group back together to discuss findings and learnings - with key takeaways for our institutions.

Outcomes for participants

  • Innovative development of informal science education
  • Experience a user-centred approach
  • Co-create and reflect with peers on new educational projects
  • Use and value of the Value Proposition Canvas


Our workroom is open to Ecsite members and non-members but space is limited. You must be involved in the strategic decisions or development of educational projects in your institution. A maximum of two colleagues from any one institution can sign up to participate.


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Head of program and co-operations
Senior staff of Education & Public Engagement
Torhild Skåtun
Museum Educator PhD reseacher
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
University of Leicester
image of Giasemi Vavoula
Associate Professor
University of Leicester


Registration for this Workroom is now closed. Please contact Helen Wilks at the Ecsite Office (hwilks@ecsite.eu) if you would like to be added to the waiting list.


23 February 2021

A panel session followed by group discussion with participants. Following the discussion, we will divide into small working groups in order to focus on specific areas for development.

23 March 2021

The second of our workroom events will be a workshop; small working groups each focussing on their own new project designs.

4 May 2021

The third and final event of the workroom brings the whole group back together. We will be presenting our new projects with the rest of the group, identifying ways in which we can combine our approach to blended learning and create value for the education sector.