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Norsk Teknisk Museum

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (NTM) was founded in 1914 in conjunction with a National Centennial Exposition. NTM is located in Oslo and hosts a Science Center. The Museum covers the following topics; transport, aviation, the history of wood and metal industries, plastics in a modern society, clocks and watches, calculating machines and computers, as well as the history of energy, electricity, oil and gas. NTM hosts the Norwegian Telecom Museum.

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is a national museum with the objective to demonstrate the implications of the historical progress in science and technology, both socially and culturally. The Museum is an educational institution with collections, exhibitions and publications, – which makes it a place of learning for all.

The Museum is located at Kjelsås in Oslo, with some 12,000 square meters of exhibitions. In addition, the Museum contains a large library with technical literature, company archives, technical drawings, photographic material and other documents relating to the history of science and technology.

There are well-equipped workshops for restoration purposes, a photo laboratory and storerooms for museum artefacts and models.

The museum has a cafe, and a museum shop with gift ideas for kids in all ages.

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