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Workrooms provide science engagement professionals with a short series of online talks, group discussions and workshops, and even some offline preparation, all centred around one specific theme; an opportunity for participants to broaden knowledge together.

April 2022 - May 2022

Organisational change towards JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond good intentions - but it is well within your powers. The last of the Ecsite Workroom series intends to spur on deeper organisational changes by supporting you in designing your JEDI roadmap. If you represent an organisation ready to take their commitment towards inclusive and equitable science engagement to the next level, this Workroom is for you.

March 2022

The community of science centres and museums have shown that working alongside scientists and researchers can be successful, rewarding and impactful, but many public engagement practitioners are also keen to collaborate with artists. What does art bring to the table? How can we set up successful collaborations between those two worlds? And most importantly, what do our institutions' audiences think of the outcomes?

November 2021 - December 2021

Many astronomers and science communicators are familiar with communicating the wonder of the solar system, or missions to Mars. However, cutting-edge astronomical research such as the search for dark energy, or gravitational waves, while showing up in press releases, is much less common in the public engagement of science and technology.

November 2021

In this Workroom, participants were able to join a mini idea-thon and work in a group with five professional peers over four, weekly sessions on practical science engagement case studies and creative challenges, to try out new conceptual tool design by the RETHINK project.

June 2021 - July 2021

The Citizen Science Clinic ran from 21 June to 6 July and has now ended.

What kind of impact do I want to get from my citizen science project? And how can I guarantee that it leads to a "genuine scientific outcome" and achieves the desired societal impact, whether in terms of “answering a research question" or "informing conservation actions, empowering citizens, impacting decisions or environmental policy?" How can I ensure and monitor this impact? 

March 2021 - April 2021

How then do we make sure that the informal science learning sector works in pursuit of justice and equity? How do we empower a diverse generation to be resilient agents of change, who realise a socially just world? We are inviting you to tackle these questions with us with the help of design fiction, whereby we speculate what kind of future we hope for by interrogating the past and the present.

April 2021

In each of the Tinkering workroom sessions, participants will experience a hands-on tinkering activity using everyday materials facilitated by experienced educators. Each of these projects will provide a starting point for thinking about designing art, science and engineering workshops for participants in an online or in-person setting.

February 2021 - May 2021

Are you an education professional working in a blended learning environment? Do you want to take a visitor-centred approach to learn more about the future of education in your field? Our interactive, co-creative workroom will give you support and guidance, and using the Value Proposition Canvas, we will seek to find the best solutions with which to engage our audiences.