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CANCELLED Unleash your power for change: creating a JEDI roadmap

April 2022 - May 2022
Three women standing in a room. The one standing in the middle is holding two posters with "Are we contributing to the oppression?" and "Have issues of diversity been addressed in this session?"

Organisational change towards JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goes beyond good intentions - but it is well within your powers. The last of the Ecsite Workroom series intends to spur on deeper organisational changes by supporting you in designing your JEDI roadmap. If you represent an organisation ready to take their commitment towards inclusive and equitable science engagement to the next level, this Workroom is for you. It does not matter where you are at currently - as long as you are ready to share your organisational journey for open and honest examination around equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Workroom will include different formats and we expect peer learning and connections between participants. Mixing different levels of expertise and any given background or experience, we will provide a support programme, both at individual and collective levels, being thus a true transversal approach to our core business, and not a partial (and therefore unsustainable) process.

You can expect to aquire new tools and methods developed by the DiverSci community of practice, that will allow you to gain new professional confidence. You will also meet speakers that will challenge you with their inspiring practices, research and case studies. We hope to empower you as an JEDI advocate for your institution.

The workroom was cancelled due to a low number of registered participants.

If you registered - you will receive your money back in following days.


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