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Citizen Science Clinic: How to achieve impact with your citizen science project

June 2021 - July 2021
Join the Citizen science clinic! Photo credit: Vetenskap & Allmänhet

The Citizen Science Clinic ran from 21 June to 6 July and has now ended.

What kind of impact do I want to get from my citizen science project? And how can I guarantee that it leads to a "genuine scientific outcome" and achieves the desired societal impact, whether in terms of “answering a research question" or "informing conservation actions, empowering citizens, impacting decisions or environmental policy?" How can I ensure and monitor this impact? 

Participants in this workroom were given the chance to learn from citizen science experts from around the world and work on real case studies. Through a series of structured exercises and interactions with other participants, they reflected on strategies to guarantee impact in their citizen science project. 

The sessions included a mix of formats, keynotes, inspirational cases, hands-on workshops to address the implementation of impact assessment frameworks, good practices, and financial sustainability strategies 


(re)Watch the plenary sessions on our Youtube channel or on our resource page


EU-Citizen.Science LogoThis workroom was organised and sponsored by the EU-Citizen.Science project. This project, funded by the European Commission has an ambitious mission: to become the reference point for citizen science through cross-network knowledge sharing for citizen science participants, practitioners, researchers, policymakers and society across Europe.


Outcomes for participants

  • Increased awareness of the potential impacts of a citizen science project
  • Learn how to consider and refine your citizen science projects by approaching them from a scientific, societal and policy impact perspective
  • Sharing knowledge and experience, network opportunities, meeting peers with similar motivations/challenges/projects
  • Getting inspired by stories from successful and sustainable projects


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Material for workshops and exhibitions, Video

In June and July 2021, Ecsite and the EU-Citizen.Science project organised a citizen science clinic, a workroom dedicated to the impacts of citizen science.

Education & learning, Topics in science
citizen science, impact, impact assessment framework, financial sustainability


Lucie Steigleder
Project Manager
Research Associate and Project Manager of the EU-Citizen.Science project
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Carole Paleco
International relations and projects
Project Manager
Open Science Hub - Portugal
Project Manager Open Science Hub Network
Leiden University
Grant & Innovation Coordinator
Scientific Officer
Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)
Postdoctoral researcher
The European Commission JRC
Director, Innovation
The Wilson Center
Antonella Passani
Head of research and partner
T6 Ecosystems
Senior Associate


This Workroom has now ended. Stay tuned for more Workrooms in the autumn!


21 June 2021

The first event in this Workroom will feature an inspiring keynote speaker, Anne Bowser, and stories from Citizen science projects that have made an impact.

29 June 2021

An opportunity for participants to envision the impact their projects could make.

6 July 2021

In this last session, participants will learn about existing funding opportunities for citizen science projects at European level.