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Having fun with the periodic table of the elements

150 years after Dmitri Mendeleiev’s stunning achievement, 2019 was declared International Year of the Periodic Table by UNESCO. This workshop will explore the mysteries of elements and the stories behind the famous iconic and terrifying poster. Let’s rejuvenate and undust the periodic table of the elements (PTE).

The PTE is a powerful pedagogical tool that can be explored in many directions: history of science (how many Nobel laureates gave their names to an element?), medicine (what element is essential for MRI scans?), ecology (why do polar bears accumulate heavy metals in their livers?), economy (should we invest in rare Earth elements?), geography (where is uranium mainly extracted?), mythology (what is the derivation of the word thorium) or even literature (poisonings in Agatha Christie’s novels)… In this atomic session, try out two knowledge games and an “atomic Pokemon-Go like” activity.


Head of Science/Culture Dpt

Session speakers

Exhibition developer
In this workshop, we’ll take a close look at the new interactive game wall we’ve developed together with CREATE, in which visitors try to fill up the periodic table by scanning virtual everyday objects. Also, Philip Marynissen will introduce a Go-like app 'ResourCity', developed by the Flemish research organisation VITO. We’ll discuss the fine balance between developing an awesome game and putting the right amount of learning content into it.
Chemist and educator (and mother of dragons by the way!), I am working on chemistry education in Navet Science centre. Working on an exhibit project on the periodic table of the elements, I will display a new boardgame connecting sustainability issues with the periodic table in a playfull way (ideal for 10-15 years old).
Malvina Artheau
Freelance - co-creation practices and projects
Artheau Accompagnement
Specialist in games design co-construction, I will present a brand new game, spin off of the ATOME HÔTEL project (www.atome-hotel.fr); the gameplay was created by mixing teenagers, chemists, science disseminators, teachers, and was tested many times with teenagers. Welcome to an unusual atomic experience!