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Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre

Roll up your sleeves and get down to it, because this is what it’s all about in Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre. By doing experiments themselves, visitors discover the how and why of countless technological and scientific phenomena.

The exhibitions explain everyday matters from an uncommon perspective and demystify the most complex scientific phenomena in a crystal-clear way. Science, after all, begins with amazement. In Technopolis you (re)discover the science and technology concealed behind familiar things from daily life. Fancy launching a hot air balloon yourself? Win a race with a dragonfly? Or why not take command in the cockpit of an aeroplane and try to land safely or perhaps you want to ‘walk on the Moon’? You can do all this and more in Technopolis.

You can also experiment in our science garden where for example you can whisper to someone who is 20 meters away or try to rotate a 5 tonne boulder with only 1 finger!

The Children’s Science Centre is designed for visitors between the ages of 4 and 8 who can visit Technopolis with their family, group or school.

Interactive exhibits are at child height and adapted to the cognitive world of children. The interactive exhibits have furthermore been presented in a décor-environment in which children, as well as parents and teachers, feel at home.

Research has shown that interaction with the interactive scientific exhibits is very important and efficient, in the frame of informal learning. But the same research shows that educational value rises when you add a human element, such as an edutainer.
That is why during weekends, public holidays and school holidays,Technopolis treats visitors to exciting shows and demos. These shows and demos change frequently and teach you something new about science in a fun way.

All is included in the normal entrance fee.