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Montpellier University / Service Culture Scientifique

We are scientific mediators : we organize events at the science and culture interface.

We collaborate with many differents partners (research organisms, associations, etc.).

Our actions are closely related with researchers and students of Montpellier Science University, by motivating them to share their knowledges and passions.

Thus, we create :

Discussions and exchanges during « Bar des sciences » (= science café), in cultural centres, librairies, festivals and conferences ;

Temporary and travelling interactive exhibitions with animations and activities around scientific topics ;

Animations playfully to discover science, all year long for Biodiversity’s day or Science’s day

Annual contest of scientific experiments (Faites de la science), this educative action is held in collaboration with Ministry of National Education, to sensitize kids to scientific reasoning and inquiry ;

Students Training (from bachelor’s degree to doctorate).