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Science Gallery, Trinity College 19 April 2012

In an information rich society where emerging science and technology pervades our everyday lives, how can we digest the implications of current scientific and technological advances?

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 4 April 2012

The Planetarium Science Center has celebrated its sixth Science Festivity, under the theme: Natural Sciences, Sun and Earth, which was a huge success. there were around 5,000 visitors over the 2 days of the festivity, most of which were school students, who enjoyed the interactive workshops, and scientific displays presented at the participants’ booths. In addition to the famous Super Science Show, presented by the PSC animators, the World Park, also presented by PSC animators, and a puppet show atthe Conferences Center Small Theatre.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 19 March 2012

The Planetarium Science Center has completed the first course of its new Robotics and Electronics Program, at which students are taught about electronics through the robot components, then are introduced to programming through training them to control the robot. The Program comprised ten, 3 hours long, sessions, and took place at the Center’ computer lab, located at the workshop area. This course had 20 attendees, and is expected to be repeated, and extended to higher levels, by summer 2012.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 19 March 2012

the Intel Bibliotheca Alexandrina Science and Engineering Fair’ Closing Ceremony took place on Monday 12 March 2012, at the Bibliotheca Conferences Center, where winners’ names were announced, and various awards were given to the winning projects.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 29 February 2012

on Saturday 25th February 2012, 169 projects competed in 15 different science categories at the Intel Bibliotheca Alexandrina Science and Engineering Fair’ screening round, held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conferences Center, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The day was divided into two heats, where each heat included about 85 projects, that were judged by members of the judging committee, in line with the international standards.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 19 February 2012

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Planetarium Science Center opening, in 2002, the Center has organizeed a festivity titled “Celebrating The Future”, to celebrate all those who contributed to the promotion of scientific activities of this edifice, and to discuss the views and experiences of all the center participants. The workshop hosted a group of students who had participated in various activities at the Centre, and have represented Egypt in regional and international competitions.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 16 February 2012

like each year, during the mid-year school vacation, the Planetarium Science Center has presented its mid-year program to school students of ages 6 – 16 years.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 14 February 2012

The Planetarium Science Center issues a scientific newsletter, on quarterly basis. each issue has a scientific theme, to which all the included articles are dedicated. The newsletter has an attractive layout, through the colorful pages, the simple language, and the various illustrations, and is issued in 2 languages; Arabic and English, aiming to encourage the public to read about science. The PSC distributes this Newsletter for free on Clubs, Schools, Universities, and all social gathering points, to ensure Scientific knowledge dessimination among various society sectors.

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences 16 January 2012

The RBINS is currently deeply reorganizing itself, with an organization based on four directions rather than its current departments, sections and services.

Four new Director positions are now open representing these areas:

  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny
  • Natural Environments
  • Earth and the History of Life
  • Publics

The closing date for applications is February 8th

Please see attached PDF for full details.

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 29 November 2011

‘Sex, wot’s the big deal?’ is the themed exhibition for adolescents between 10 to 14 years old where they discover everything about being in love, their changing bodies and sex in a playful and responsible way.