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Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza

Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza is a non-profit making organisation which has operated in Naples since 1987 and plays a leading role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological innovation.

Promoter and accomplisher of the City of Science in Naples, it is an operating foundation which main commitment is to widespread a new type of scientific citizenship, to bridge the gap between the scientific world and society. The aim is to ensure wider public involvement in science and technology, which can thus break out from the confines of the laboratory and engage in open dialogue with ordinary people. The realisation of this objective means collaborating to establish a knowledge-based society with new improved job prospects and greater social cohesion.

Main filed of activities are the organisation of events and cultural activities of science communication and public understanding of science; research and demonstration international projects in science and society and citizens participation to science and technology, science education and informal learning.

Vittorio Silvestrini, already awarded in 2005 by the EMYA (European Museum Year Award) for the best science and technology museum Micheletti Prize, has been selected as Laureate of the 2006 Descartes Prize for Science Communication promoted by the European Commission.