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CEO of Scitech voted in as new President of ASPAC

Mr Alan Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Scitech in Perth, Western Australia has been voted in as the new President of the Asia Pacific Network of Science Centers (ASPAC).

Mr Brien has been CEO of Scitech for 13 years and has led the organisation into a particularly active and prosperous era in their international connections with several Scitech-built exhibitions appearing at venues through the Australian, Asia Pacific and European regions and Scitech science shows being performed at international science festivals. Scitech has just marked a major step in expanding its international exhibition networks by signing its first US client and establishing a relationship with a US-based exhibition agency.

ASPAC was formed in 1997 to facilitate communication and cooperation amongst centres, museums and other organisations which use interactive approaches to encourage excellence and innovation in informal learning and the public understanding of science and technology in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2013, Scitech won the inaugural ASPAC Creative Exhibit Award for its “Playing with Light” exhibition.

More information about ASPAC can be found at http://aspacnet.org/ns/about



Scitech is Western Australia’s own hands-on, minds-on science centre. Since opening in 1988, over 3.35 million visitors have experienced Scitech’s unique interactive exhibits, feature exhibitions and theatre shows.

Scitech is a not-for-profit organisation receiving funding from admissions, sponsorship and supported by the state government. Our mission is to increase awareness, interest, capability and participation by all Western Australians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.