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Exploratorium's exhibits at Città della Scienza

From December 2, the exhibition areas of Città della Scienza have been enriched with new hands-on exhibits coming from San Francisco’s Exploratorium. This collection has been set up thanks to the financial support of the Italian Conference of Regional Councils, in a 500sqm outdoor facility installed in front of the entrance of the Science Centre which was destroyed by a criminal fire last 4th of March. The public will be able to engage in a funny way with the laws of light, magnetism, waves, acoustic phenomena as they did in the past “Science Gym”! Together with Brain and Dinobaby exhibitions, this collection is a part of the first step for the reconstruction of our Science Centre. With the Exploratorium’s exhibits, Città della Scienza wants to reaffirm its mission to be an open place for the public engagement in real phenomena, to raise the curiosity of people (and especially youngsters) for science following the ways of its forerunner Frank Oppenheimer. The exhibition aims also to respond to the needs of families and the educational system which have expressed strongly their solidarity toward Città della Scienza. The exhibition was inaugurated by Paolo Romano, President of the Regional Council, Vittorio Silvestrini, President of Città della Scienza, Colombia Barrosse, American Consul in Naples and Tom Rockwell Director of Exhibits at the Exploratorium.