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Bursa Science and Technology Center 16 January 2014

Bursa Science and Technology Center which is Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s vision Project aims to accelerate the development in terms of science and technology in Turkey and to become a model in this context as the first example of entire country. This is a Project that carried out social responsibility under the leadership of Mr.

Scitech 18 December 2013

Mr Alan Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Scitech in Perth, Western Australia has been voted in as the new President of the Asia Pacific Network of Science Centers (ASPAC).

Mr Brien has been CEO of Scitech for 13 years and has led the organisation into a particularly active and prosperous era in their international connections with several Scitech-built exhibitions appearing at venues through the Australian, Asia Pacific and European regions and Scitech science shows being performed at international science festivals.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center 12 December 2013

The Planetarium Science Center (PSC) in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST) held the first local robotics competition in 27-28 November 2013; The Robotheca Alexandrina Olympiad (RAO). The competition comprised two categories: the Diver Robot and the Robofight. The total number of registered teams was 18 team. The PSC recruited four faculty of engineering students to coach 5 teams comprising the PSC robotics program participants.

Scitech 11 December 2013

Scitech in Perth, Western Australia has created a new interactive multimedia exhibit that explores a colourful and animated world of water known as “Waterlandia”.

“Waterlandia” uses a large two-by-three metre touch screen with 36 touch points, allowing multiple users to interact on the screen at any one time, while still having their own water cycle scenario to tinker with.

Eight months in the making, the exhibit is Scitech’s most ambitious multimedia project to-date and incorporates over 10,000 lines of programming code.

What really makes it stand out is the re-creation of water flow

Scitech 11 December 2013

Visitors to Scitech in Perth, Western Australia can now enjoy a revitalised out-of-this-world experience following a major refurbishment of their planetarium facility.

The renovations have resulted in a complete gutting of the location which was inherited by the science centre in 2004 after a privately-owned IMAX theatre closed and has since operated as a planetarium.

International planetarium designer and installer, SkySkan, assisted with the facility’s upgrade, which took three months to complete and involved importing specialist equipment.

Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza 6 December 2013

From December 2, the exhibition areas of Città della Scienza have been enriched with new hands-on exhibits coming from San Francisco’s Exploratorium. This collection has been set up thanks to the financial support of the Italian Conference of Regional Councils, in a 500sqm outdoor facility installed in front of the entrance of the Science Centre which was destroyed by a criminal fire last 4th of March. The public will be able to engage in a funny way with the laws of light, magnetism, waves, acoustic phenomena as they did in the past “Science Gym”!

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre 5 December 2013

Technopolis®, the Flemish Science Centre (in cooperation with the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels). Ecsite is part of the International Programme Committee of the SCWS. www.scws2014.org

Why attend

The Summit gives you the insight and the tools to prepare your science centre for a rapidly changing society. The innovative format of the Summit allows for the establishment of new strategic partnerships that enhance large-scale citizen engagement in science and technology.

Attending the Summit allows you to:

  • 1. join strategic thinkers
  • 2.
Universcience 3 December 2013

Universcience ( Palais de la découverte & Cité des sciences et de l’industrie) is currently working on four new exhibitions projects. We are looking for co-producers and partner to produce upcoming traveling exhibitions:

- Darwin: the developing process of its theory, the controversies, the impact on yesterday and nowadays science;

- Cities: how are they changing? how are they changing our urban life?

Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza 12 November 2013

On November 7, 5,000 people took part to a big event to celebrate the reopening of the exhibition areas of Città della Scienza in Naples, Italy. Just after eight month from the tragic fire that completely destroyed the Science Centre, Città della Scienza starts again with public activities and programs to give a tangible answer that we will not give up! The huge solidarity and support received after March, not only from the Italian citizens but also from the international community, has been a wealth of extraordinary importance.

Esplora Interactive Science Centre 10 September 2013

The project is being considered for co-financing by the European Union/Government of Malta, in accordance with the rules of European Regional Development Fund (2007-2013) – Investing in your future programme.

We are pleased to announce that Pre-Qualification Questionnaires for:

- the design, fabrication and installation of hands-on science exhibits and other exhibition elements within the Mezzanine level of the Main Exhibition building,

- the design, fabrication and installation of the hands-on science exhibits and other exhibition elements within a universe theme in the Pla